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[Outdated] Amendment to the Citizenship Reformation Act 2018

This dispatch is no longer being updated.

Amendment to the Citizenship Reformation Act

Proposed by: Khevo

Section I: Preamble

NOTING the excessive wait times a nation must face between joining the region and reaching the residency requirement for each level of citizenship,

FURTHER NOTING the unnecessary system of primary and secondary citizenship could sufficiently be replaced with a simple, single-level citizenship,

BELIEVING that this could be solved by an amendment to the Citizenship Reformation Act.

Section II: Provisions

HEREBY decrees:

  • Sub-sections I and II of Section II of the Citizenship Reformation Act will be replaced by a sub-section entitled “Sub-Section I: Citizenship”.

  • The provisions of “Sub-Section I: Citizenship” shall be:

    • Citizenship shall be obtained 5 consecutive days after a player, who has a nation in the region, applies to become a citizen.

    • Any nation with citizenship shall have the following privileges:

      • The privilege to vote in any legislative or electoral matter

      • The privilege to run for any office within the region.

      • The privilege to propose legislation.

      • The privilege to vote in any regional poll.

  • All other parts of the Citizenship Reformation Act shall remain as they are now, aside from a few changes.

    • “Sub-section III: Ambassador” shall be renamed to “Sub-section II: Ambassador”.

    • “Sub-section IV: Foreign Envoy” shall be renamed to “Sub-section III: Foreign Envoy”.

    • “Sub-section V: Immigrant” shall be renamed to “Sub-section IV: Resident”.

        All mentions of the word “immigrant” shall be replaced by “resident”.

  • All mentions of the phrase “primary and secondary citizenship” shall be replaced by “citizenship”.