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NDR invasion of ULSR(AU)

(Note, this is a theoretical war, between the NDR and the ULSR, if the ULSR didn't have any allies.)

Day 1:
Union of larchian socialist republics: well, we had a good run. Not much chance now. It's not surprising that no one wanted to help us, we are a bit of a lost cause... Sometimes I think, communism just isn't worth it. We're gonna try our best though, we've assembled the navy, we've scrambled our airforce, and set up what defensive positions we have... It's pointless. Well, this is me, over and out.

Neuer Deutsches Reich: fools. They thought that their union would last forever, it won't. It's over now, it didn't take long for us to obliterate their navy, their army, was practically target practice, and their airforce was so out of date, it belonged in a museum. Their pitiful general-secretary meets with us tomorrow, the land isn't worth much, and there's no real glory, we just want to give a statement: Don't mess with us.

Day 2:
Neuer Deutsches Reich they surrendered. Of course they did. They didn't have any land left to surrender, or forces to capitulate, anything they had left, is gone. Well, this was a happily short war, and it will show the world our view on communism. Goodbye ULSR.