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??? ULSR

Ralph had been told to guard this room, and he wasn't really sure why. He'd been sitting there in his chair three days on the trot now, he would get to work, grab a cup of coffee then come down and sit in this bloody chair. A small noise made him look up.
a few men had arrived, wearing military uniforms.

"ello, who the hell are you?"

"just here to pick up the asset in that room" he indicates with his head

"... okay? can I see some identification?"

"sure" he pulls out a card, and it identifies him as sergeant Olive of the third Grenadiers Regiment.

"aight then, fair enough" he lets them pass.
a few minutes later they come back pulling a long chamber with a woman inside it.

"what the hell is that?"

"why do you care?"

"I dunno, just seems like a weird thing to need to guard"

"well, you'll see what it is soon enough. Cheerio!"

and with that they are gone. Ralph sighs and sits back in his chair, happy to finally be done with the worst assignment of his life.

building near temporary military airport, Cermiersia.

moramia wakes up not knowing whats going on.
she looks up to see a bunch of soldiers standing before her. Her guards? no, they can't be her soldiers, the uniforms are different

"wh-who are you?" is all she can say as she looks around

one of the soldiers walks forward, and binds her hands behind her back, before shoving her forward

"what! no, I demand you to stop, I am princess moramia of Cesmiersia, and you will release me now!"

"you aren't the princess of anything anymore, You're just a dead girl walking"

"what are you talking about?"

"we are taking you to your execution. The people want rid of you. The monarchies been abolished."

"what? b-but you aren't my people! you are from a foreign land!"

"yeah, we are from a much nicer country than this sh**hole, but we have been gracious enough to help your people do their whole revolution thing. Now shut up and move before I make you"

"wh- no, I refuse, I demand to talk to your leader!"

he sighs, before grabbing her arms, and begins dragging her towards the van, that is waiting.

"what! no! help me! someone!"

"rico shut her up will you."

another soldier grabs a dirty rag and stuffs it in her mouth before they finish dragging her to the van and chuck her in

centre of the capital of Cermiersia.

the crowd is waiting. Quite a few people showed up today to witness the execution, and the anticipation of the crowd can be felt.
Many people are here to say one last goodbye to their queen. Others are here because they want to make sure shes gone for good.
Suddenly, the ex-Queen, is dragged out of the doors before the platform that had been constructed especially for her execution, and she is not in a good shape.
She has a large bruise on the left side of her temple, one of her eyes are black, her dress that she is wearing is slightly torn at the hem.
She screams noislessly as the rag and tape over her mouth obsures her from talking to her people one last time.
the Soldier holding her drags her over to the executioner, and drops her too her knees.
she looks up in fear at the man standing above her, as he raises his axe. The crowd is ready for it.
A Larchian official steps forward.

"Today we see the end of Tyranny in this nation, and the beginning of a new era! We the ULSR have worked valiantly to assist your nation after its unfortunate times under dictatorial rule, and we have taken up the mantle of Novoblupolia to ensure democracy and Freedom can prosper in this Country. We thank the many Officials who have helped us to achieve this goal, and we ask you the people to help us continue to improve and better this nation. For Freedom! he looks down at the almost pitiful woman beside him
"any last words?"
she glares at him as he pulls off the tape and takes out the rag. She then turns and looks too her people.

"..." she says nothing. the official sighs and nods to the executioner.

the executioner raises his axe, but just as he brings it down, a shot rings out across the square, and the larchian official crumples, another shot, and the executioner goes down. the soldiers and people watching panic, and chaos ensues, as larchian soldiers drag the Queen off the platform and into relative safety. All the people will remember the day that the Queen almost died

???, Cermiersia.

wavell is once again walking through plain concrete halls. she feels that she does this too much. she should get out more. or at least ask the people who build their bunkers to liven up the walls a bit. She is stopped by a guard who confirms her identity, and lets her through into the room. She turns around to look at her guest.

"you do not even know what a bugger it was to make sure you didn't die. We needed to keep the Liberal Socialists happy, or the administration might fall. We have told the Liberal Socialists that we will keep you alive for now, but we will execute you once the threat has been sorted. Of course there is no threat, but nonethless. Well, you owe us one now, we saved your life. You better hope it was worth it, for both of our sakes."

Moromia looks up defeated, and says nothing, not that she could anyway, as the soldiers took the liberty to gag her again, but she simply sighs, and looks at her feet, hoping for a day she could be free again.

OOC: Cermiersia here you go, the last bit the liberal socialists don't know about so don't do anything with that.
other than that, this is also a general rp post, so if anyone else wants to read it you are welcome.


Mark had been scared very few times in his life.
When his mum told him off for beating up the kid at school
When the police had finally caught up with him on his illicit deals
When he went to war
But none of that could compare to what he was about to see. He has come to escort moromia. Stories told of her as a savage dictator who killed people in her spare time. A savage ruthless human who's cruelty knew no bounds. He couldn't believe that he'd been sent to do this. But when the folks on top order you to go grab a sociopath, you do as ordered. The corridor had livened up since he'd last been there, and there was now actually paint on the walls. Gave it a much nicer feeling. He got to the door, and after getting past the singular guard entered the room.
There he saw, sitting on a bench, in a tattered dress, the ex-queen of cermiersia. Most thought her dead. He knew better.

"I'm here to pick you up"

She looks around at him, and glares pure hatred in her eyes. She remains silent.

"..." he walks forward, and grabs her by the arm. She makes no attempt to stop him. He cuffs her hands behind her back, before shoving her out of the cell, and into the light bright corridors, not knowing what her fate would be

Union of larchian socialist republics wrote:
Palikir News Network-

Breaking news, here, General-Secretary Kirstine Wavell is currently in hospital, after fainting following a bout of flu. At the age of 76, Wavell has ruled for 57 years, and has brought many military and social reforms upon our nation, and is much beloved by the people. She steered us through our darkest times, and negotiated many news alliances to take our nation to greater levels of influence and Power. We hope the General-Secretary will recover, but we have been told that the fever is severe and her immune system has reacted poorly to initial attempts to stop her from getting too hot. News will continue to come in through the night, updating on the General-secretary’s condition, and I hope you all join us in praying for her health. (22:34)

More breaking news, the General-Secreatrys health has further deteriorated, and her close family has joined her as, the Larchian flag is officially flown at 3/4 mast to indicate her sickness, and the Blue guard ensure that nothing can obstruct Wavells recovery from the fever. Doctors say they are no longer optimistic, and that she may soon have to be placed under intensive care. The government has refused to pass comment when interviewed(23:57)

For this next set of breaking news, we turn to our man on the scene, take it away Greg. “As you can see, the long rule of Kirstine Wavell has today, tragically come to an end. Many close friends and family have come to see her in her final moments, and her final words were reported to be ‘for the republics’. Her body has been placed in an open casket, and a caretaker government, is being set up, expected to be lead by General O’Connor or Rear Admiral Davies, the two officials who were appointed by Wavell to succeed her upon the case of her death, until elections can be held. A day of national mourning has been declared, and all Larchian flags at naval bases, embassies, even outside the main government building, will be lowered to half mast. A 21 gun salute is about to be fired to indicate the much beloved leaders death, and her final will and testament is being read out to her family and friends as we speak. We expect more news as the night continues on, and I will be here, to see all of it.” Thank you Greg, a tragic moment indeed. I’m sure the entirety of the ULSR will join us in mourning the great leaders death, and hope her wishes in her will to be honoured. All we know so far, is the General-Secretary wishes to be buried in Kathol Rift, as the leader was known for her love for the nations scenery and beauty. This is Palikir news, out.(01:34)