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A Comprehensive Dispatch on Current Venmerean Military Equipment


LA-3 Surveyor: The Surveyor is a light aircraft, used for scouting and short-range missions. It does not have very much armament, but is equipped with two 6.5mm Lightcrest machine guns, each with 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and an undercarriage bomb bay with two hardpoints. It can travel 100 kilometers on a full tank of fuel, and the cockpit seats only one pilot.

FA-12 Saber: The Saber is a fighter aircraft, used for air-to air combat. It is versatile and nimble and much bigger than the Surveyor. It has two 8.7mm Lightning machine guns and two 10.5mm Streak machine guns on its wings, each with 5,000 rounds of ammunition, and 8 hardpoints underneath underneath the fuselage. It can travel 500 kilometers on a full tank of fuel, and the cockpit seats two pilots.

BA-5 Admiral: The Admiral is a bomber aircraft, used for groundstrafing and bombings. It has two 10.5mm Streak machine guns in its wings and 14 hardpoints underneath the fuselage, as well as an internal bomb bay. It has four crew members and can travel 1,000 kilometers on a full tank of fuel.

CA-2 Blade: the Blade is a cargo plane, which can carry up to 4,000 kilograms of supplies and 6,000 liters of fuel. It has a crew of two and can travel 500 miles on a full tank, but can use its cargo fuel as backup if it needs. It has no weapons.


T45 Vanadium: The Vanadium is Venmere's most common tank. The bore of its main gun is 50.8 cm, and it has two auxiliary guns on either side. It has three crew members. There is also a mounted 8.7mm Lightning machine gun on the top, controllable by one of the crew members.

T48 Iridium: The Iridium is a cargo tank, which ferries up to 20 soldiers plus the three crew around the battlefield. Its main gun has a bore of just 27 cm, and it has only one auxiliary machine gun on the side.

AU7 Fluorine: The Fluorine is an artillery launcher, the only one Venmere currently employs. It has settings to launch shells and explosives of different weights different distances. It is currently capable of launching a 15 kg shell almost 41 kilometers, with the range shrinking as the shell grows heavier.

APU8 Cobalt: The Cobalt is Venmere's all-purpose unit. It has equipment on and inside it to disarm bombs, build a temporary bridge, dig shelters, and it has a 8.7mm Lightning machine gun, a 6.5mm Lightcrest machine gun, and a 10.5mm Streak machine gun on it, along with almost 2 million rounds of assorted types inside it. Inside the Cobalt there are assorted uniforms, equipment, guns, shells, bombs, ammunition, medical equipment, etc. It has twelve crew, two pilots and ten medics, assistants, and specialists.


The VSS Vanguard, Bauxite, Comet, Indomitable, and Guardian are all Venmerean aircraft carriers. Each one is capable of storing and maintaining 55 aircraft at once. Each carrier also has four Hawkeye turrets, Venmere's largest. Each ship holds about 4,000 crew.

The VSS Sentinel, Voyager, Able, Talent, Heatwave, Flashpoint, Pioneer, Venture, and Horizon are Venmerean destroyers. Each one has two hawkeye turrets at either end and six Scimitar turrets and four Javelin turrets. Scimitar turrets are Venmere's most common turrets, while Javelin turrets are the lightest. Each ship holds about 3,000 crew.

The VSS Tranquility, Oracle, Pillar, Antares, Champion, Ascend, Spartan, Trojan, Stallion, Phoenix, Meteor and Bronco are each specialty ships. Bronco and Tranquility are submarines, the largest ones in the Venmerean navy. They are both 326 feet long, and are equipped with 48 Caltrop torpedoes. They each have about 300 crew. Oracle, Antares, Champion, Ascend, Spartan, Trojan, Stallion, Phoenix, Meteor and Pillar are light ships, each with only one Scimitar turret and two Javelin turrets. They each have about 500 crew.
NOTE: All of Venmere's ships also have 20-50 mounted 10.5mm Streak machine guns, depending on their size. The submarines do not have them.


RF-23: The RF-23 is an assault rifle, the most common weapon given to Venmerean infantry. It shoots about 650 rounds per minute and the cartridge holds 70 rounds.

HP-31: The HP-31 is a common pistol in the Venmerean military. It holds 10 rounds and is semiautomatic.

LR-14: The LR-14 is a Venmerean sniper. It has a maximum range of about 1,000 meters. Its cartridge holds eight rounds.

Caltrop torpedoes: Caltrop torpedoes are about a half meter around and 10 feet long. They have proximity fuses in them and heatseeking heads, along with communication devices to recieve directional control data. They have propellers on their back ends to propel them in the correct direction.

The 6.5mm Lightcrest machine gun can shoot 600 rounds per minute. The 8.7mm Lightning machine gun can shoot 800 rounds per minute. The 10.5mm Streak machine gun can shoot 1,100 rounds per minute.

All of Venmere's ships are outfitted with Tarobin, a top-secret compound. In essentials, it has radioactivity absorbers, anti-heat expanding, anti-cold contraction, incredible tensile strength, and is light. The only problem is that it is expensive. It is a light blue-grey color and all of Venmere's ships, planes, tanks, and other equipment are covered with it.