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The Grand Republic of
Mother Knows Best State Suspiciously Conservative Democracy

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The Central Military

(Pictures for these only apply in New RP)
Central Republic Military
Land forces

Infantry: 9.6 Million
Reserve: Decided through conscription
Tanks: 6,000
Mobile Artillery: 4,500
Towed artillery: 3,200

Naval Force

Total Fleets: 25
Fleet Size:

35 destroyers
2 aircraft carriers
30 submarines
30 corvettes
5 battleships
30 Frigates

Air Force
7,500 Fighter Jets
5,500 Bombers
1,000 Stealth bombers
3,700 Attack Helicopters
1,200 VTOL’s

500 interceptors ready to intercept missiles.
50 Nuclear missiles.
10,000 Chemical missiles
15,000 Missiles

Knightmare Units: 2,500
Heavily armored and able to handle any terrain, the Knightmare units make combat for the Empire much easier. Their high caliber guns allow no room for any normal infantry to stand a chance. Special tactics can take a unit down as they are not invincible. Their high mobility allows them to fight for long amounts of time and when the suit needs to be abandoned the pilot can eject to a safe distance. EMP’s cannot affect these units.

Meka Units: 5,000
Meka units are the pride and joy of the Centralian Marine Force. They usually will be seen with the marines in the front lines tanking for the marines. They are not as good as the Knightmare’s however with their ability to shoot small missiles they prove to be a rather destructive force.

(Lol I had to do it to em)

Bastion Units: 3,000
Bastion units accompany the army and specialize in defense. While they aren’t as efficient in attack, their machine gun form allows them to act hard on defense and shred anything that comes near it.