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Lore (New RP)

Shortly after WWS2
The defeat of the Central army left the people of Centralia concerned about their leader. Seiun Sky, the very young Empress of Centralia at the time and daughter of the deceased Hishi Amazon, was left struggling. She had nobody, she was a joke to the world. Eventually this would lead the people into anarchy as control was no longer held. It is believed she disappeared into a jungle where she was never seen again. With Centralia in chaos, people assumed leader thus splitting the nation all around Asia. 50 years of chaos would fly by as no nation could contain it until a religion started to rise in popularity. Waifuism. The belief that all were going to be saved by the one declared Supreme Empress/Emperor. This religion caused other Asian territories to feel threatened by its popularity and fast spread thus thrusting the New Central Empire to go to war. China would go to collapse and the complete removal of the anything Chinese would be ordered. Japan would eventually be bought out by Centralia and declared a holy land and to be protected at all costs. Korea did not suffer the same merciful fate as Japan did however. It would be declared that Centralia would be ruled by the Centralians who were once called Japanese. Since the unification of the Empire, it has thrived and prospered for over 200 years, during times of war, and uncertainty, the Empress who is viewed as god, is believed to have been the one responsible for such miracles in those times.