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Zhen Military Organisation

Zhen Military Organization

The Zhen Military's organization was largely modelled after that of the Ming Dynasty. Ming military institutions were largely responsible for the success of Ming's armies in campaigns against the Mongols or in Sri Lanka. The early Ming's military was organized by the Wei-Suo system, which split the army up into numerous "Wei" or commands throughout the Ming frontiers. Each Wei was to be self-sufficient in agriculture, with the troops stationed there farming as well as training. This system also forced soldiers to serve hereditarily in the army; although effective in initially taking control of the empire, this military system proved unviable in the long run and collapsed in the 1430s, with Ming reverted to a professional volunteer army similar to Tang, Song and Later Han. The Zhen continued and re-adopted the Ming Wei-Suo system, but removed the hereditary requirement for military service.

Military Personnel

    Zhen Imperial Army: 1,300,000 (232 wei)
    Zhen Imperial Guards: 18,000 (3 wei)
    Zhen Imperial Navy: 712,000 (127 wei)
    Zhen Air Force: 700,000 (125 wei)
    Zhen Strategic Support Force: 175,000 (31 wei)
    Zhen Strategic Strike Force: 100,000 (17 wei)
    Zhen Militia: 12,000,000 (2,142 wei)
    Zhen Military Police: 1,500,000 (267 wei)
    Zhen Imperial Army Reserve: 390,000 (69 wei)
    Zhen Imperial Air Reserve: 120,000 (21 wei)

Currently, there are 535 active wei, 1,602 reserve wei, and 2,409 paramilitary wei in the Zhen.


Consists Of

Guard (wei)

5,600 men
5 battalions

Battalion (qiānh)

1,120 men
10 companies

Company (bǎih)

112 men
2 platoons

Platoon (zǒngq)

56 men
5 squads

Squad (xiǎoq)

11 or 12 men

Zhen Military Theatres




Northern Theatre Command

Liaodong Circuit
Heilongjiang Province
Jilin Province
Inner Mongolia

137 wei (active)
18 wei (reserve)
561 wei (paramilitary)

Eastern Theatre Command

Viceroyalty of Min-Zhe
Shandong Province
Henan Province

137 wei (active)
17 wei (reserve)
561 wei (paramilitary)

Western Theatre Command

Qingzang Gaoyuan
Viceroyalty of Shaan-Gan
Tianshan Beidao
Tianshan Nandao

132 wei (active)
18 wei (reserve)
633 wei (paramilitary)

Southern Theatre Command

Viceroyalty of Yun-Gui
Viceroyalty of Liangguang
Viceroyalty of Huguang
Hong Kong

120 wei (active)
7 wei (reserve)
542 wei (paramilitary)

Central Theatre Command

Viceroyalty of Zhili
Imperial Capital
Tianjin SEZ
Henan Province
Shanxi Province

9 wei (active)
9 wei (reserve)
112 wei (paramilitary)