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Regions Studies | The Academy

The following is an outline of the Regions Studies curriculum at The Academy. Please direct any questions to Dean August.


100. Region Theory
i. How did regions begin? How have they changed over time?
Focus point: Regions are one of the oldest and most integral features of the site.
ii. How do regions play into the various metagames that make up NationStates?
Focus point: In gameplay, regions are nations and nations are individuals; in roleplay, regions are continents or worlds.

101. Region Mechanics
i. How does founding and refounding work?
Focus point: The significance of the founding process to the game experience is underestimated by most players.
ii. How do regional controls work?
Focus point: Regional controls are surprisingly complex, and their proper use is essential for effective regional management.
iii. How do update mechanics work?
Focus point: A working knowledge of update mechanics is useful for various political and statistical purposes, as well as self-defense.

102. Region Building
i. How does one formulate a regional system (government, military, etc)?
Focus point: A successful region must have a unique theme and a purpose.
ii. How does one produce the cosmetic aspects of a region (flags, maps, WFE design, etc)?
Focus point: Appearances are critical to a region's ability to attract players, but a professional graphic designer is not a requirement.
iii. How does one recruit and retain players?
Focus point: Recruitment and retention are equally important, and require constant effort.
iv. What gives a region longevity?
Focus point: Consistency and patience are virtues that a good founder must internalize if they want a long-lasting region.

103. Region Management
i. What is the best way to promote/appoint the best players and distribute work?
Focus point: Finding a place for talent should be a higher priority than bureaucracy and personal politics.
ii. What rule systems are most effective at cultivating a desired culture/environment?
Focus point: A balance must be kept between draconian enforcement that chases away players and allowing behavior that reflects poorly on the region.
iii. What is the best way to administrate an offsite platform?
Focus point: There is no one-size-fits-all answer for offsites, as different types of regions have widely varying offsite needs.
iv. What is the best way to motivate residents and officials to complete tasks?
Focus point: People need an incentive to work, and providing incentives requires creativity on a site like NationStates.

200. Mechanics Lab
i. Students set up a testbed region and predict the results of various administrative actions.
Focus point: Receive hands-on experience with region-related game mechanics.

201. Management Internship
i. Students spend several months at a high-level government position in a region of their choice (must be approved). Transfer credit accepted case-by-case.
Focus point: Receive hands-on experience with regional management.

202. Culminating Project I
i. Students plan a region in thorough detail.
Focus point: Put into practice the concepts introduced in 102.

203. Culminating Project II
i. Students build the planned region, developing a functioning and stable community with a theoretically sound base.
Focus point: Use the knowledge gained in previous courses to produce a tangible result, with guidance.

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