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Nations not endorsing Yuno (2018-06-26)

If you're on this list, you haven't endorsed the Delegate Queen Yuno. To endorse her, you click on her nation link (Queen Yuno), scroll to the bottom, and click endorse. It's that simple, and it helps out our region greatly in both WA power and security. Then continue to remain in The East Pacific for your endorsement to count, which will greatly help us.

Note: For those nations that are not in the World Assembly, please consider joining for the sake of the region. Once you are in, you should endorse your Delegate. This will increase your Delegateís standing in the world assembly and keep our region from being defeated by other Delegates in the world assembly. (Donít Multi-WA.)

Fenril, Anarchisticizm, Adom, Cesrin, Gd nation, United booms, The ticklemonster, Hitaria, Youth resistance organizations, New netherlands of europe, Nascolando, Lexi land, Hunturkland, New babinski, Gundawaie, Territories and states, Archillstopia, Sindaria, Shirley a manson, Davensbur, Neo templar order, Norstria, Slayziken, East New-Canada, Belvaille, Lunar solstice, Arsacena, Liorona, Nezastok, Quat findickle, Fletcher-park, Peaches and pacifism, Sin sin, Pelayo, Padikistan, Dishland, Chaotic civilisation, New superior democracy, Coligny, Zang0, Procrastinationstanland, Solarius, Liberoma, Holy the acralle, Kampf Empire, South portugalia, Baimen rosh, Oh hi mark, Speroanimo, Lomatob, Kingdom of dmack, Veganiaa, Birbreich, Samorah, Diamonation, Altimen, Singu1arity, Hedgopolia, Trippovia, Neputune, England and egypt, Kanye western korea, The nation nation, Hananana, Democratic syndicalism, Delmostia, Eternal Phoenix, Ameerastan, Private roads, Eralisistan, Gagnestan, Amselheim, Macaria, Lucasis, New ravnica, Xandandia, Saudia wadiya, Clondegad, Western superpower, Renthiopia, Skavit, The london people, Fabulous regime of sugar, Wastelandias, Yes haha, Pokeaimmd, Slakoma, Nikune pardargerachw, Rear city, Land owen, Lightbourne, Hamilmark, Rumarica, Saint kria zepubara, Concretefacia, Sajrgo, Melonaria, Soviet working republics, Jeztopia, Panceak, Arbaltona, Republic of controlling, Khorinth, Kontinentaleuropa, Alicais, Heartstring, Engineering logicians, Republic of saint michael, Remando, Aeshenland, Free sableshore territories, Chernus, Theunknowncity, Stellaire Imperiale, Blackpantherlan, Skitzania, Farcadie, Nienke, Nabashar, Mulhorand, Voluptuous, Dad45, North basimont, Maestratopia, United crisea, Silverfork, Pololei, Lover of the russian queen, The allied assembly of freedom, Independent falkland isles, Empirthobawra, La quna, Mandalla, Goldstreet, Dreamericana, AIAR, Picasstan, Hakosuka, Creoleville, Western valinor, Nastee, Germania peoples, Promotionem, United coalition of freedom, Heliosline, Gimpy gubbins, Isla oscura, Yougaunda, Mantei, The federal republic of martania, The storm03, Agia eleftheria, Helsiiria, Reagan neocon republic of fradkinland, Nadilicia, Zikir, Houeston, Sorok, Dorexland, Fesnington, Sauranal, Eastern novillonjah, Poeticana, Transporte alternativo, North edonia, Trotskya, Ermoupoli, Kosvingar, Kundexi, Kubanas, The god david bowie, Orpertiois, Lamadonna, Dougdimmadome, Goodrussia, Normieslayer, Greater republic of romania, Kablam, New state of formentera, Dimandixia, Cornjuice

Our Discord link: Link
Feel free to join!

Optional reading:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Influence

What is Influence?

Influence is created when a nation collects endorsements from other nations within their region by joining the World Assembly and endorsing everyone and waiting to be endorsed back. A nation starts at 0 endorsements and can take as long as a year to reach 300 endorsements. With a high endorsement count, nations gradually gain influence everyday; the amount of Influence gained is proportional to the number of endorsements the nation has:

What is the point of endorsments? It seems to me they are to express your opinion that a nation is worthy of particular merit, but this doesn't seem to reflect how they are used in game. Can you tell me why you allow and support the current use of endorsements?

1. You should join the WA (abbreviation for World Assembly) on your main nation in TEP(abbreviation for The North Pacific) and collect endorsements because:

  • when WA voting, the delegate's vote is counted by how many endorsements the delegate has. Literally we won't have a say in the WA which handles interregional gameplay concerning us if the delegate doesn't have a high endorsement. And likewise, we won't have a voice towards whether a GA resolution passes/fails if the delegate's endorsements are low. Seeing as this is are political simulator, the more power(votes) you have, the better, that's the point of the game . And votes are re counted by endorsements. Therefore, even if a player doesn't care about the WA, s/he should still join it, endorse the Delegate and ignore.

  • on the contrary, if the player does care about the WA, that's even better we have TEP government positions/ranks for players who advise the delegate on how to vote in the WA. To work in the WA ministry, fill in Verdrassil's sign-up thread in the forum and contact that player on discord. This team trains new WA resolution writers too if you're interested in that.

  • there's a game mechanic called "influence", which is measured by number units. Every nation with 0 endorsements gain 1 influence per 12 hours. The formula is this: every 12 hours (specifically everyday at 12pm and 12 am EST), your nation gains influence by the number of endorsements you have plus 1. So if you had 30 endorsements, you'd gain 31 influence per 12 hours. That means if you have 30 endorsements and have been a resident of TEP for 48 hours, you would have 124 influence.

  • influence and endorsement count resets back to 0 if your nation dies, so be sure to log in at minimum once per 28 days or set your nation settings to vacation mode for 60 days(you won't receive issues though.) Conversely, if your nation moves out of TEP, your influence will significantly decrease every 12 hours that you're outside of TEP, so don't move your nation out. If you must, just create a new non-WA nation as your alt account. (Non-WA because NS only permits 1 WA nation per player.)

  • Influence is more than just a nation ranking statistic, althougj you can check how much influence you (or someone else's nation) have by checking your nation's Rankings at the Influence category.

  • That number you see is how much influence it would cost a regional officer to eject your nation. If you have 400 influence, and the regional officer has 300 influence, that nation cannot ban you. However, if that nation has 500 influence and ejects your 400 influence nation, that nation will lose 400 influence and end up having just 100.

  • alternatively, you can become a future regional officer so get more influence(endos) and someday if you get more involved with TEP matters you can get promoted to that rank. However, if you're not interested in being in TEP Government, then as a regular citizen, click to give your endorsements one time, that's all you're required to do.

  • however, there is a second benefit to my asking you to endorse every WA nation you find:

  • if you endorse someone, they're likely to endorse you back, which increases your endorsement count. So endorsing everyone is obviously the fastest/easiest way to collect endorsements.

  • if everyone has a high endorsement count, whoever becomes delegate or a rogue regional officer decides to troll and ban the entire region and ban everyone-- it wont work. Everyone's collective influence is 98% and the delegates influence is 2% of the pool.

  • in a region with a Founder (basically tiny regions that are not a Pacific) it costs a founder 0 influence to ban anyone regardless of their endorsement # (which won't be very high in the first place in tiny regions.) Founders can be boot happy and this is one reason players opt to stay in a Pacific to avoid drama. Ofc different people have different experiences.

  • P.S. if you are ever tempted to join an outside region(obviously we want you to stay in TEP,) please consider having your WA nation remain here in TEP, which is a founderless region that relies on WA endorsements on the Delegate, and creating a second nation (new & non-WA) page=create_nation. Use that nation to join elsewhere. The NS site rules permit you to create as many nations as you want, but forbids you from having more than 1 WA nation. Hence, you should use the SAME email address for ALL your NS nations, which helps ensure that you don't accidentally join the WA on 2 nations (NS automatically stops you from joining WA twice on the same email, so you won't end up getting caught/punished by the website.) Remember to log in your nation at least once every 28 days (or 60 if set on vacation mode.) If your nation dies, remember to revive it through logging in normally, and moving it back to The North Pacific XD

2. Another perspective (a real conversation that happened recently)

  • Anglarond: Thank you so much for the detailed response
    So basically endorsments arent used as a measurement of how may nations think it is worthy of merit just how much political power a nation has

  • Queen Yuno: Yes ^_^
    I don't think merit can be measured by numbers or at least not by NS stats

  • Anglarond: Well it at first seemed to me that if you thou a nation was good youd endorse them showing that you thought that

  • Anglarond: I mean merit as in people just thinking that that nation is good

  • Queen Yuno: You can do that too ^-^ For example, Ramaeus (Ram) used to give endos out only to nations she thought "deserved" it
    Consequently she only had 100 endos for the longest time
    I nagged her to collect more


How to Endorse?

Step 1: First, join the World Assembly
  1. Click the "World Assembly" link in the sidebar

  2. Click the "Apply to Join" button to be sent an invitation email

  3. Click the link in the email to join the World Assembly

Step 2: Second, endorse the Delegate (McMasterdonia) and her Viziers

  1. Click on her nation page

  2. Scroll down to the bottom

  3. Click "Endorse"

Step 3: CASUAL endorsement collecting (optional)

  1. Endorse all the actives here: page=activity/view=region.the_east_pacific/filter=member+endo

Step 4: HARDCORE endorsement collecting (optional)

  1. Go to:

  2. Just click on "General Endotarting Queries"

  3. Type in "notendorsedby:YOUR_NATION_NAME"

  4. Hit Submit, and endorse everyone down that list.

Step 5: Profit


Benefits of Endorsements

Contrary to what many others might say, there are indeed benefits to endorsements, and more than one might imagine or even acknowledge. Below is a list that is in no way exhaustive:
  • The clickable convenience of having your endorsers listed at the bottom of your nation (similar to a friend list or a team roster)

  • Your nation receiving endorsements from President McMasterdonia herself, Vice-President Sundred, Secretary of State Kranostav, Secretary of the Interior Prydania, Ambassador to the WA Gorundu, and Xagill, and endorsements from active endorsement givers.

  • Gaining Influence for your nation, which is the only important Ranking

  • Gives you something to do on-site other than answering Issues

  • WA members are trusted members of the community, because NationStates rules permit only 1 WA nation per player, (and NS the website auto-checks IP addresses to make sure you're not cheating with 2 or more WA nations.) Therefore, we use WA nation as a safeguard method to ensure a player isn't holding 2 citizen forum accounts, and that each citizen is a separate person to ensure fairness and lack of spies.

  • For this reason, we often ask players "What is your WA nation?" to make sure we're talking to their main identity rather than a puppet/sleeper agent.

  • Therefore, it would be in your best interest to join the WA: page=un
    It takes 2 minutes only.

For more information, go ask questions about influence in the University of TEP discord: Link
(Both foreigners and residents are allowed)
Written by Queen Yuno

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