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A Rise from the Ashes

This is not a real nation, I repeat this is not a real nation. It is fake, just like all other nations on Nationstates. All laws are based loosely on how I would run a nation.

The Principality Rises again from the Ashes, well technically the Graveyard where nations that have less or no activity had gone to.
So here is why The Principality ceased to exist and has now returned, with fewer sparkles and more oomph.

As most of you know RL will take over, and that is what had happened with The Principality. Will RL take over again, yes it will. I do not know when though. But just like a villain lurking behind the scene, Bad Grammar and no spell checks, RL will return. And without notice, it will automatically launch itself.

...The Invisible Narrator...

p.s All are fiction/imaginary names. None are real. If there is a Kieran Winter or a Frank Le Eota, my apologies, it was purely coincidence that I came up with these names, and the all the names in foreseeable futures.

Amending the following; editing is so much fun hahaha

The Principality voted Against The Ban on Capital Punishment Bill in the W.A.

The Bill was ferociously debated within the Halls of Parliament in Odingaršr. Parliament has always sided with the Delegate of TNP, in which keeping its relationship and ties with TNP strong. However, The Crown stood against the Bill and used its voice on behalf of the Minor.

HRH King Erik Le Eota spoke to Parliament saying, "Parliament of Banana, we have a bill that for the first time in The Principalities History has caused a major stir between The Crown and Parliament. It is your job as a Politician within The Principality to speak on behalf of the people, and it is mine to speak on behalf of those that have no voice, our children. If we vote for this Bill, those that have acted against the innocents will find a way to get away freely. Do we let those who commit Peodaphalia, Slavery, Human Trafficking, Terrorism, or any heinous acts against Bananas or Alien, win?
I understand that criminals have a right as any other Human their rights, but they gave that away when acted upon these crimes. I say to you Paliarment to change your minds and vote against this Bill, not for me or for our continued relationship with TNP, but for our Children, our future."

Even though His Majesty words sounded true, some of Parliament was still in conflict. The Bill would have been pushed to the back and left to catch cobwebs and dust. In this case, however, Prime Minister HRH Prince Harald VII Winter spoke, "Parliament and The Crown I can see that we can not come to a mutual conclusion to this debate. I call upon The Temple of The All-Father, to intervene in this situation."

The Speaker of The House, spoke, "It is written that no Religious Associaton can intervene in any decision within Parliament. Its job is purely to have The Crown and Parliament be accountable for its own actions. However, since this Bill is causing anxiety amongst Paliarment and The Crown. I will speak to each head of the religious groups in Banana to see who are against or for this bill."

Parliament was set to recess for 5 days until all ballots from all Religions within The Principality was retrieved.

The speaker spoke when all Ballots has been received, "If Parliament and The Crown agree that whatever the dally may be. That no harm will come upon the Religious Groups that are in The Principality. That we as one, will debate and vote for another bill with the same ferocity and we do not offer insult to each other?"

A resounding yes can be heard in The House.

The Dally results:

The Temple of The All-Father voted Against
The Temple of Abraham voted Against
The Temple of Judah voted For, then Against, and finally to Abstain
The Temple of Scientology voted Abstain
The Temple of Mormons voted Against
The Temple of The Dark One Voted Against
The Temple of Catholicism Voted For
The Temple of Jesus Christ The Saviour Voted For
The Temple of The Eclipse Voted For
The Temple of The Athiest Voted Against, then For and finally to Abstain

The Speaker of the House spoke," The Dally has been counted, The Principality will vote Against "Ban On Capital Punishment". May the All-Father watch over all. I call for Parliament and The Crown to reconvene in 1 months time. For we all as Bananas need time with each other to heal and reflect on our decision on this bill. I for one is against such acts, but I am merely here to keep order.
Stand now and speak the oath of our forefathers as they stood in the Battle of the Five Dragons,

We are one, One House, one Kingdom, One voice against those who stand against us. We fight for those who are weak and those who are strong. We are Bananas. We are one.

The words of the founding forefathers of the Principality echoed in the halls of Parliament as tears of patriotism flowed.

Read factbook

--Some wording need to be changed.

"Ban on Capital Punishment" was defeated 10,165 votes to 7,905.

RL has yet again reared its head. I am busy with the world of Hospitality since it is the Christmas season, I will be gone for a long while. I will, however, come on, only to endorse and maybe vote. But the WA legislation is still giving me a headache hahaha.

that link was to a music video, it was nice though not my kind of music genre.

** Revolt of the Dragons -- first issue is ready-ish, it took so long to write. I will publish it up soonish when all the grammar has been smoothed out. I will also put in an appendix of who and what, basically, LORE....**

The stories of the Principality is loosely based on Dragons, Vikings, Magic, and non Magic.
** I will try to tone down the stories that I write **

** It has been a while, I have still tweaking the history of Banana. Lore and all that stuff will also be put up **