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Marriage and Equality Law

(i) Marriage

The Legal Age of Marriage in The Principality is 20 years Old. It is also the Legal Age of when a child becomes an Adult and may leave its Parental house to pursue life and fend for itself.

The Legal Age was moved from 18 years to 20 years old, as all legality pertaining to Drinking, Driving, Prosecuted as an Adult for crimes, Inheritance and to legally owning a home all is attainable by the Citizen at the age of 20 years old.

The Principality does not discriminate whom the Citizen marries. In relation to the Child Marriages, see Clause (ii) of the Marriage Bill and Equality and the Laws Pertaining to a Minor

(i) Paedophile, acts against a Child or Minor (also see (ii) Child Marriage - Marriage and Equality Law )

The Death Penalty is issued by lethal injection if the Citizen is found guilty of the crime. The Crown cannot be petitioned to intervene.

There are cases where the Life Penalty is enforced, but it is rare.

EnforcerDove was established to catch offenders and to protect the child from harm.

Marriage and Equality Law nation=bananaaaaa/detail=factbook/id=1053951

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(ii) Child Marriage

In accordance with the Laws, a Minor from the Age of gestation (when the egg has been fertilized) to 20 years of age is considered by the Government as a Child who can not fend for itself. Therefore it is prohibited for any persons whether the Child's Parent or Guardian to forcibly, arrange a marriage between an Adult and a Child. A term of Life or the Death Penalty is ordered and the Crown can't be petitioned, to intervene as the Crown becomes the voice of the Child.

(iii) Adultery within The Principality

Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals (regardless of gender) and therefore is a binding contract until, divorce, or death. It is illegal to have an Affair when married.

If caught both individuals are given a choice, both must decide together;

* Wife of Duty

The Wife of Duty is required by The Temple of The All-Father to be the child bearer. She is required by law to have her own residence and is acknowledged by Law as the Wife of Duty.

* Judgement by The Temple of The All-Father

The High Priest or Priestess present at the case will order a "Rectifier".
A "Rectifier" is when both parties, must remain with the Temple of the All-Father until their punishment has been carried out. No years is issued. It will be under the discretion of the High Priest or Priestess that will allow the determination of their incarceration.

If the Affair was between an Alien and a citizen. By Law the Alien is deported and forbidden to renter The Principality. The Citizen is sent to The Temple of The All-Father to be judged by the High Priest of Priestess


If there is an Affair, all properties will be given to the Wife or Husband of the accused. Unless the accused marries the individual they had the affair with. Then all properties remain under the Husband name.

If an Affair had been committed, and the citizen was not married, Parliament or the Crown does not intervene.