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Role Play rules

Hello to one of my favorite regions, nasunia! Nirasia did a very good job with the role play rules. I just figure Iíll be able to do better.
1. No godmod. You canít have a missile launcher built in a minute and youíre bombing the Continental United States while you have troops from the Iron Legion attacking Brazil and an indestructible robot rampaging across Eurasia. The term ďgodmodĒ is quite self explanatory. Youíre making yourself impossible to defeat. Like God or a god.
2. No using puppets. Tokyo road has puppets out the wazoo, so, Iíll use him as an example. He canít make it seem like Drycounty, Because we can, Cross-roads, and Iím sure Iím forgetting a few, look like they arrived as independent nations. Not ones that are puppets.
3. You should ask for a spot on the map but itís okay if you dont want one. I know that someone in Driselbia basically runs a fleet of pirates, instead of being part of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, or Antarctica. Not as effective, but not necessarily frowned upon.
4. If you want more territory, youíve got to ask Nasuania

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