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Why and how to vote in the World Assembly

WA Development Program

TL;DR: Vote in the World Assembly!
~ Check the World Assembly when resolutions reach the voting floor and cast a vote.
~ If you're unsure how you should vote, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs provides recommendations for your consideration.
~ Help determine where over 1,100 votes go in any WA vote by joining the Linkforum and participating in WA voting threads.
~ Enhance the voting power of The North Pacific in the World Assembly and your own.

How does the World Assembly work anyway?

As a member of the World Assembly, your nation is bound by its decisions, which come in the form of resolutions. These resolutions take effect immediately upon passage. The World Assembly is divided into two chambers, the General Assembly and the Security Council (not to be confused with TNP's own Security Council). Resolutions in the General Assembly are concerned with role-playing and can affect your nation's laws and category. Resolutions in the Security Council are concerned with gameplay and either commend or condemn specific nations or regions, or liberate regions by removing the delegate's password powers. There may be a resolution at vote in both chambers at the same time, but only one resolution in each chamber can be at vote at one time.

Every nation in the World Assembly has a vote, but the Delegate of each region has an extra vote for every endorsement they receive from WA nations in their region. This is why it is crucial not only to endorse the Delegate but to vote on every resolution that comes to the floor in the World Assembly.

Check the World Assembly page often to see what is at vote or what has been submitted for consideration. Resolutions that receive sufficient approvals from delegates will be up for a vote at the next update.

I'm not sure I understand/care about a particular resolution

Voting is voluntary, so if you do not want to cast a vote, that's fine. We hope you will cast a vote and be recognized in our WADP awards for your participation. If you're unsure how to vote on any given resolution, our Ministry of World Assembly Affairs provides recommendations and advice for how to vote. Whether you vote the way they recommend or not will not affect your award for voting participation. Simply endorsing the Delegate will at least lend their vote greater weight even if you don't also cast your own vote, and you can also cast a vote on our forum.

If I visit the World Assembly page to vote on a resolution, why do I have to use TNP's forum too?

Voting on the World Assembly page is the only way your vote in the WA will be counted. However, to determine how our Delegate votes on a resolution, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs sets up a thread on our forum. All TNP citizens who are in the WA post in that thread, casting a vote for or against the resolution. The Delegate will cast their vote for whatever the majority of votes indicates. If you participate in this process, you can be a significant factor in deciding how TNP's many hundreds of votes are utilized. This is a process that allows you more of a say in your region's WA vote but also, because of TNP's endorsement level, more of a say in WA votes than you would have in any other region.

How can I keep track of how well we are doing?

Take a look at the Statistics tab above, which includes a lot of information about voter turnout and other voting trends among nations in The North Pacific.

What do I gain from all this?

As mentioned above, by participating in this campaign, you increase both your nation's and our region's power in the WA. This is good for all nations in The North Pacific, and doubly good for you!

To show our appreciation towards those who participate, we will be handing out a generous amount of participation and achievement awards. We will also be maintaining a Voter Registry, to showcase our most dedicated WA voters.

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Jointly sponsored by the Delegate and Security Council of The North Pacific.

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