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Nasunian health organization NHO

The NHO.

What is the NHO?

The NHO (Nasunian health organization) is a regional organization that makes actions to grant a healthier future for people in the region, you can help joining the NHO today. bringing a new healthier future for the people in your country.

How, we will do it?

In the NHO we have a council, in that council we will make the changes democratically to decide what we should do to help all those people in need and gave them a better life.

How, I can join to the NHO?

You, need to ask the current leader of the NHO Nasuania to enter, you need to explain why you want to enter in the NHO and answer a little questions and congratulations you are in the NHO!

Rules of the NHO.

*Write NHO tag if you want to post something about the NHO.
*Don't spam.
*Don't insult.
*Don't use the NHO tag if you will write something diferent.

NHO members:

Wildberry kingdom

That's all the info you need to know, also remember join to the NHO!