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The Crown and Parliament

In the Name of The All-Father, under his guidance and grace, a Law is contracted between The Crown and Parliament.

From this point onwards; HRH King Frank Le Eota, of the House of Le Eota, will be known as The Crown, His HRH Prince Harald VII Winter, Prime Minister will be known as Parliament. Under the witness of High Priestess Friq of The Temple of the All-Father, a Law between Parliament and The Crown was issued.

The Crown

- The Crown must allow Parliament to sit and must be present at the seating, as he must be a witness to the people's queries. If The Crown is overseas on a state visit, The Prime Minister becomes the Crown Regent, until The Crown returns and resumes His duties. The Vice President becomes The Prime Minister in waiting.

- The Crown must not dissolve Parliament, for his own benefit. The Crown can only dissolve Parliament if there is an act of Treason.

- The Crown is required to serve his country in times of War or internal conflict. He must not sway Parliament to take sides when it comes to War or internal conflict.


- Parliament must be all present at the seating. Parliament must act as the voice of the people.

- Parliament can not force The Crown to abdicate unless The Crown endangers The Principality. Parliament must partition The Temple of The All-Father to intervene and remove The Crown.

- All members of Parliament are expected to have been in the Army for a duration of 5 or more years.