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World Factbook Entry of Nasunia

Welcome to the Capitalist Empire of Nasunia!

If you are here, congratulations! You have arrived in the greatest capitalist region in NationStates! We have roleplay, a government, the Royal Message Board (RMB) and more in this capitalist region, so what are you waiting for?!? Uncle Sam wants YOU to make Capitalism and Democracy great again (and maybe Monarchism too?)

If you want a space on the map, ask State of Germany!

Featured Quote of the Week:

Example-nation wrote:A Quote example (DO NOT COPY THIS QUOTE, THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE!!)

Roleplay Rules by Hooverus Maximus and Constitution by NASUANIA! :D

TV and Radio will come soon!

Endorse our WA-Delegate The republic gloucester (like, NOW!) and send the NA resolutions to State of Germany!

Check out our regional Linkmap and LinkDiscord!

State of germany