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To Our Reluctant Ruler

In a private chapel garden where the late Queen was buried. His Majesty knelt in front of the tomb. For a moment he stayed in that position, with a deep longing and sadness.
"How can I rule without you?", He spoke as a tear trailed down his right cheek, he ignored it, as he continued to speak, "I am at a loss without you. I fear that I have torn what you have worked so hard to build asunder."

His Royal Guard, Sir Edward Rodgers spoke, " Your Majesty, forgive my intrusion. I have a letter from Parliament."

"Thank you Sir Rodgers.'' as he took the letter from Sir Edward Rodgers.

To Our Reluctant Ruler

In the name of The All-Father Odin may his benevolent look upon us with favour till the day we walk with our forefathers in the halls of Valhalla.

We of Parliament do not wish to resign from the World Assembly. It was our Late Queens last wish before her assassination, to return to the W.A.

Your Majesty, we understand that you are our reluctant Ruler, but also a father to the Heir apparent, Princess Grace Winters. You as a father was only looking out for the interests of our Princess and for the children of The Principality, as any parent would.

If the bill passes in the World Assembly, we can amend our laws.
We are aware as so are you, that it was our citizens, those in The Principality and those overseas, had called for the Death Penalty to be reinstated, due to a gruesome case. If it is entirely removed, then we will have a Civil War to deal with.

If you still wish for The Principality to resign from the WA. Then consider the following, if we remain with the W.A, it strengthens our relationship with TNP and we of Parliament will hand all voting in regards to the W.A. to The Crown.
As your Brother In law, please reconsider your decision, to resign.

We are one, One House, one Kingdom, One voice against those who stand against us. We fight for those who are weak and those who are strong. We are Bananas. We are one.
Your faithful servant,

HRH Prince Harald VII Winter
Prime Minister

For a moment His Majesty stood silently as he reread the letter.
"Your Majesty?' asked Sir Rodgers, breaking the silent contemplation of the King, "Do you wish to respond?"

His Majesty looked at Sir Rodgers and said, "No. Please leave."

Sir Rodgers began to protest but his Majesty responded, "Stay by the Gate then. But let no one disturb me."
"Yes, Your Majesty", replied Sir Rodgers.

When Sir Rodgers left, His Majesty again, knelt before the Tomb of his Late Wife, "Your Brother has a way with words, my dear. Is that why you made him Prime Minister during the epidemic?"
He continued to speak as if Her Majesty was still alive and standing in front of him, "Grace has your eyes, my love. I do miss you, and our conversations. I wish you were here with me, and not so far away."