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The Independence Army


The Independence Army is the military of The Hope Federation. Its duties primarily concern defending the region and assisting nations from raided regions. Serving with the upmost loyalty and honor, IA soldiers work diligently to help those in need and to fight threats back at any cost.

Nations who enlist can expect a short training session before they begin their service. A single tour of duty usually lasts 1-2 months. Soldier who excel at their duties and perform with valour can expect military decorations.

Enlist today by sending a message to Etheinia.

Division and purpose


Inter-Regional Task Force-The largest and most important division, the IRTF is in charge of defending other regions from invaison and providing aid to those who have been raided. Duties include patrols, recon, recruitment, establishing friendly relations, and inter-region security.

The Upper Balkans, Brigadier General

Republican Guard-An elite division of soldiers and operatives, the Republican Guard provides short- and long-term defense of the Hope Federation from raiders and other dangers. They also cooperate with the Director of Immigration & Customs on auditing suspected enemies within the region.

The GIU, Brigadier General

Intelligence Service-One of the most dangerous and prestigious jobs, Intelligence Service agents actively go undercover to enemy regions and gather information for the mainland. Only the most loyal and skilled soldiers are eligible for duty with this division

Novi Vrakanda, Brigadier General

Currently Enlisted Soldiers:

Western Yeetville, Private, IRTF 1st Battalion.
Minoir, Private, IRTF 1st Battalion.

Former Soldiers:

The Hope Star
Awarded to any individual who performs exceptionally meritorious and valorous service throughout their duty. Can only be awarded by mutual consent between the founder, the president, and the commanding officer of the recipient’s division. The highest honor in the Independence Army.

Defender’s Cross
Awarded to any individual who exhibits distinguished service during a foreign or domestic defense operation. Given by mutual consent between the founder and the commanding officer of recipient’s division, recipients must show heroism and leadership in protecting the region throughout their deployment.

Foreign Ambassador Medal
Awarded to those whose service in a foreign region results in significant, long-term improvements to the well being of the region. Recipients must demonstrated continued compassion, helpfulness, and sacrifice to the nations of the region.

Continuing Service Medal
Awarded to any individual who serves for at least six consecutive months. Signifies those who dedicate their time on NationStates to the service of others by completing multiple tours of duty.

Service Award
Awarded to all soldiers who complete a tour of duty and receive an honorable discharge. While common, this award is still an honor for those who have completed their service while representing to the ideas of the Independence Army.

Flag Badges
Flag Badges are awarded to those who participate in a foreign defensive operation, evacuation, or long-term hearts and minds mission. Each badge generally is a representation of either the flag of the foreign region or the mission seal if multiple regions are involved.
Badge 1: Placeholder
Badge 2: Placeholder
Badge 3: Placeholder
Badge 4: Placeholder
Badge 5: Placeholder
Badge 6: Placeholder

Note: Do not ask to receive an award(especially the higher ones), they are awarded only to those who meet the standards in the eyes of others, not themselves.
“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted”-Matthew 23:12


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