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Second Treaty Of Venice City

The Following are all the terms laid out by the victors, Havens League.

1. Old Venice shall have a permanent abdication of the current monarch, and now become a permanent republic.
2. Itallitopia shall have exclusive rights to offshore oil resources.
3. Old Venice shall pay Western Vapia 500M Vapian Lira, and 500M Tanabon Dollars.
4. Old Venice shall fully demilitarize, and hand over all military assets. They will not be allowed to remilitarize unless HL deems them worthy.
5. Havens League shall act as defense force for old Venice temporarily.
6. Accept War Guilt.
7. Old Venice shall forever renounce the right to fight an offensive war.
8. In the future, Old Venice shall be primarily supplied by ITALIAArms.
9. Old Venice shall hand over the territory depicted below: