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Rambutan Electronics Company


Rambutan logo

Motto: "Breaking the edge"
Company Information

Trading Name: Rambutan Co.
Type: Private Company
Founded:01 of February, 1999 in Negarakita
Founder: Iskandar Zainattudin
Headquarters: 16 Rue Silomah, Candrapura, Negarakita
Financial Information

Geographical Reach: Worldwide
Key People:
  • Iskandar Zainattudin (CEO)

  • Cut Tyuku bint Umar (CFO)

Products: Electronics, specialising in
Phones, Computers and Kitchen supplies
Chairperson: Iskandar Zainattudin

Divisions and Subsidaries

  • Rambutan Negarakita

  • Rambutan Gael

  • Rambutan Argus

  • Rambutan Northern

  • Rambutan Mesder

  • Rambutan Southern


  • Jatoë Trading Company

  • Janang Apps

Rambutan, LinkKepanese: رامبوت), is an international electronics company based in Negarakita that produces electronic goods. It specialises in the manufacture of hi-tech products such as mobile phones, computers, tablets and fridges, and has been responsible for the wide penetration of electronic devices in Negarakita and the Gael region through their products. Their growth was quick, capitalising on a break in the Negarakitan market before expanding into overseas markets. Much of their success has been tied to their unique lônOS, which was designed by a group of technicians from Rambutan and other South Gael firms. The company's official name is Rambutan Company. It trades on the NEX under the initialism RMB, the VISE as RMB and the KIX as RMB.


  • 1999 - Iskandar Zainattudin sets up the company, hoping to capitalise on the relatively underdeveloped high-tech
    industry in Negarakita. A graduate in computer science at Negarakita University of Science and Technology, he starts by selling laptops which he builds himself in his apartment.

  • 2000 - With successes building, Zainattudin is able to rent out a warehouse and expand his business to begin building more products. He successfully applies for a Negarakitan Business Innovation Grant, providing him with even more funds and technological help.

  • 2003 - Rambutan expands into foreign markets for the first time officially, opening up stores in Samudera and Ainslie. Production is extended to household appliances after a takeover of Coeur Cuisine.

  • 2005 - Development begins on lônOS, which is promised to innovate computing.

  • 2006 - Rambutan begins funding the Zainattudin Corporate Innovation Scholarship, which grants six of the highest perfroming students in computer science and business a fully paid tuition at NUST.

  • 2008 - The Rambutan Gem 1 is released, Rambutan's flagship smartphone. Its unique operating system and sleek, modern look drew praise, though there were complications with the App Bazaar.

Rambutan is one of the larger companies of its sort in the isles, with its products available in most nations in the region. It operates factories in Negarakita and ?Samudera?, as well as regional offices in Gael, Argus, Mesder and the Southern Seas. Iskandar Zainattudin is still personally reponsible for much of the company's planning and development, though the company is now global in its reach and in its board.

Corporate Affairs
Rambutan is based in Candrapura, Negarakita and has a business model based on bringing innovative and functional electronic products to its consumer base. It is an active rival of Kodos Tech from Athara Magarat and Conway of Alteran Republics. Rambutan is listed on several major regional share indexes and it has multiple shareholders:

  • 41% - Iskandar Zainattudin and associates

  • 30% - Management staff

  • 29% - Private investors

Rambutan's clients include many international shopping chains, malls and tech stores. While its original target demographic was the Negarakitan populace and the broader market in the Western Isles, it has diversified its appeal in recent years to target international markets through a greater investment in advertising, diversification of products offered to expand reach, and through innovative technology to outperform its rivals. Much of Rambutan's sales are conducted through their online store, which is one of the most viewed online electronic stores.

Rambutan produces a wide array of products. Its most famous and widespread is the Rambutan Gem, their flagship smartphone and largest seller. It comes in three models, the Diamond, Emerald and Quartz, with biannual releases. Rambutan also makes laptop computers such as the Progress, tablets such as the Rapid, and Personal Computers. Their electronic devices all run on lônOS, which is unique to Rambutan and its partners. They make accessories as well, including headphones, computer mice, wireless chargers and speakers. Their home appliance range is also large, with ovens, fridges, televisions, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and the like available.

A selection of Rambutan products