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Khanter Update to V3.0

Good Nights, Days or Evenings (Depends on when I posted this, and when it is read).

As you can see, at 1 o'clock on the morning of December 6, in most of the servers where I am (referring to NationStates) I put in my name that I would do an update on oneself. One, with the follies that I do, I might think that I'm just kidding, or something crazy and fun I plan. Sadly the last events that I have had throughout November and the beginning of December I can affirm that it is not funny madness. This Dispatch, is my update or my "Manifesto", (one of the many that I may have or have had).

Most of those who already know me, or are getting to know me, know that I defend my position, which is, not to create secondary characters of oneself. And indeed, as I think at home or in my daily life, I am in NationStates, it is what has allowed me to create friendships and even enmities, which has allowed me to mature in my personal life, as well as to make myself known in this medium. Being a game, many take different roles and play Rol games, that's fine, it's easy, it's simple, but they immerse themselves so much in their role that they forget it's a game. But unlike other games, we have created an intra-personal interaction. We talk about daily life, work, home, we teach selfies, we share different topics, so NationStates, only its platform as such, is a game (Although I am sure it is a social experiment of Max) but we have entered as a part of ourselves, not a necessity but a fact from Cotidea; we get angry, we insult, we laugh, we share, we create nexuses, we destroy ties. Basically it could be real life without the worry of a real death, right? But death is not only in a biological life. Death is in ideas, in goodness, in values, in ethics, in morality, death, it is an undefined part of everything we create. Sometimes it is necessary to start a new cycle, and sometimes it is unnecessary, but the only sure thing in this life is death.

I do not think I will get to understand in this publication, I will not even bother to explain with pears and apples, each one will have his intellectual capacity or his maturity to face or know my words. Point and part of which I literally have fallen from the chair to laugh at the tantrums of others. Later in an in-depth analysis, I notice a certain deficiency in many people, I do not know whether to say mentally, or simply lack of maturity. What I do know is that I have always tried not to be in the middle of conflicts and for some strange reason, I am always in the middle.

My reason tells me that I must trust people, until the person shows me that I can not trust her. That's why I happened, what happened to me with Vac. At the end of the day, Vac had, has and will have his bad attitudes, I could right now unblock him, but I do not have the appetite to rebuild a friendship that will probably be false, or probably the man matured, and could build a true friendship. Many already noticed, and others will notice right now, I have returned to KoGB and I am happy there, I love your community. I have rejoined their military activities, I try to rejoin their political activities, and enjoy a different community.

I belong to the date to 3 regions, and none is the same, for a TWP Party, in which every day I try to innovate issues in the field of external relations. TSR, my house, my sanctuary, where everything is inexplicably wonderful, and finally KoGB where political drama is the best, where his monarch is law, and his people, both old and new, are of quality.

By different points of view, 2 of the 3 regions in which I am are frequently attacked. TSR as it is outside the toxic environment that is NSGP, because it is safe and not so, there are always traces of people who failed to fit and give their negative opinion and unconstructive. TWP has its enemies, it is logical, and good will always be the faithful detractors of KoGB. And I say, everyone is free to give their opinions and create their ideas, but that leads me to think a lot.

On December 5, 2018, it occurred to me, the (now said in sarcasm) Brilliant Idea, to try to stop Block making ironic comments in the TWP post, everyone hates him, just reason for his past acts, and from what I see, not even in December, there is a truce for these characters. Well, I made his Flag with coal, and a little color, a flag that I did not like, it was 2 o'clock in the morning, and I did not think to take care of it, because at that moment I had the vague idea of ​​"please him and he will leave ", well he did not leave. And at my door I had two pings on the TWP server, and 5 DM's of angry people with me. And in the end, to Who hurt the flag?

The day I joined KoGB back, one person was furious with me and another kindly refrained from telling me what I could die of.
That same day they told me not to trust 5 different people from 5 different places, who were "evil".

The day I used the word "capacity" for the first time in an ironic publication, they tried to manipulate my expression by making me believe that I used the word "retarded."

These days they accuse Yuno without evidence, People extract the Identities with an exploid (Ilegal on Discord btw) to modify conversations and accuse her and on top of that they defame her person being able to cause damages beyond what NationStates is.

People speak badly about people behind the backs of others ...

And so I could narrate the end of October, all November and so far in December. ATTENTION, I'm not saying I'm going to be Block's friend. But I believe that if in real life they demand respect and tolerance from different social groups, entities, nations, vegan groups, vegetarians, animals, genders, colors and so on, petty criminals and so on. I think there is Hypocrisy in this community. Just as everyone condemns Nazism in NS, (and why not, if terrible things were done) Everyone should condemn the misuse of the term "Francoism" and the term of the term "Communist" (in which case I will call NeoCommunists ), shame gives me, and to tell the truth on the afternoon of December 5, I had concern and fear of being associated with Block. But the people who know me, should trust me. If they made me mention, if they came to me privately with scolding, with bigger words, it means that there is no real trust, everything is fine while one does what the other likes.

But do you know something? I can not, I can not simply with the experience of another judge another, I believe in forgiveness and second chances, I believe that the symbols, and ideologies must be treated with due care, I believe that the terms must be employees with their same meaning and not be adulterated. I believe that if someone is retarded, they should be told retarded and not "R-Word".

And this brings me to my update.

As you treat me, you will be treated. If I feel that you doubt me, I will doubt you. And I do not like the position, but it pisses me off, that after everything I try to do for the good of others, for a [REDACTED] flag they want to judge me or want to doubt me.

It is one thing to want to take care of myself and I appreciate it and it makes me feel good, and another thing is that they judge me and doubt me, because I do not doubt at any time about you. Unless they give me reasons and still I always ask them directly. And unless I have blocked you out of direct experience, I never speak another's pestilence. Nobody here is innocent because real life is like that. And whether you want it or not, even if it's a game, we're real people with emotions.

Buenas Noches.

Khanter W. Molchaniye

P.S: Block poke me in TG, apologizing by the flag and to take down if it bothers me, and I answer to keep it till New year [REDACTED] Flag does not bother me. Does bother you? FIGHT ME, DAMMIT, but stop talking behind my back.