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Merlovichan-Volinovian Defense and Free Trade Agreement

Merlovichan-Volinovian Defense and Free Trade Agreement

Defensive Pact - Merlovich and Volinovia will sign an agreement, a defensive pact between the two nations, they shall defend each other when attacked by an outside aggressor

Free Trade Agreement - A free trade agreement will be signed between the two nations, they will be able to trade between one another without tariffs and import and export taxes

Student Exchange Program - A student exchange program will be introduced, where Merlovichan and Volinovian students will be offered the chance to live in the other signatories country for a period of time, experience culture and life there, and meet new friends and acquaintances

Business Opportunities - Incentives will be offered for businesses and corporations to set up in Merlovich and Volinovia, and businesses from these countries will be offered lower taxes.


Yozhikov Afanasievich - Minister of Business and Urban Development

Stefan Shaporov - Minister for Education

Arkadiy Chernenko - President of the United States of Merlovich