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Purpose and Introduction

The Flag and Insignia of Nephism

Nephism is a mysterious and benevolent force in the Auralian Realm. Residing in every living being, in every heart and soul, this positive energy is everywhere, binding all sentient beings together as one. Nephism is based around the worship of monotheistic and omnipotent God King Nephmir II. His holy writ (the Book of Neph) is a Living Testament, into which more material is added on a regular basis.

Nephism's existence predates the creation of Auralia, but did not flourish until it's creation. As the night of June 6th, Lord Nephmir created Auralia, from the ashes of another realm, a glorious phoenix rose, blazing a path to realm of Gold. From that path Nephmir called to his followers and slowly they came at first, then more and more came to the glorious realm. Seeing the need for order, Lord Nephmir, created the Tribunal to carefully guide his wondrous realm. As Lord Nephmir let the tribunal guide Auralia, he took militaristic matters into his own hand, he created the Auralia Knights! Which he leads by his divine iron fist to bring Nephism unto the unbelievers and sinners of the universe.

As the binding will of Nephism brings all beings together, some refuse to understand it or just plainly become ignorant of it so it is becomes a believer's ultimate goal to spread the teachings and wisdom of Lord Nephmir to the unknowing and liberate their minds from the shackles of ignorance. We aim to cleanse the universe of unbelievers, we will do this by any means possible.


The Glorious Soverign: King Nephmir II
  • Pope: NONE

  • [b]College of Cardinals
    Each member state is represented by a Cardinal appointed by the reigning Pope. Most Cardinals are former Bishops who have performed exemplary devotion and service to Nephism in their state.

  • Archbishop of Reformed Nephism: Bishop Augustus Antonius of Xaverium
    The Archbishop of Reformed Nephism the head of the autonomous branch in Xaverium, they have authority not only over the bishops of their particular branch, including metropolitans, but also directly over all the faithful.

  • Archbishop of Valourous Nephism: Grand Cardinal Innocent II of Duestchstien
    The Archbishop of Valourous Nephism the head of the autonomous branch in Duestchstien, they have authority not only over the bishops of their particular branch, including metropolitans, but also directly over all the faithful.

  • Grand Inquisitor: Wilfried MacNicol of UltimaWeapon
    The Grand Inquisitor is the highest ranking member of the Auralian Inquisition, their goal is to combat heresy, through trials, combat or the usage of media

  • Grand Templar: Niko Wagenknecht of Duestchstien
    The Grand Templar is in charge of the Nephican City armed forces.

  • Swiss Guard General: Stephanium Amandus of Xaverium
    The Swiss Guard General is the chief of police and fire services in Nephican City.

  • Holy Scribe: Saturio Faber of Aramythia
    The Holy Scribe is in charge of documenting miracles, divine blessings, and other events that occur within the realm of Nephism.

The Pontifical Council
The Pontifical Council is the government of Nephican City, but members also control various other departments as needed by the Pope.

  • President and Governor: Cardinal Engelbrecht Ludwig of The tomanian reich
    They are the leader of the Pontifical Council, Nephican City’s legislative body, and has been delegated executive authority over the Nephican City state by the Pope.

  • Secretary of State: Cardinal Volker Hirsch of North pooristan
    Secretary of State performs all the political and diplomatic functions of the Pope and Nephican City.

  • President of the Congregation for Bishops: Cardinal Adelberto Aliberti of Dormill and Stiura
    They are in charge of the department that oversees the selection of most new bishops. Its proposals require papal approval to take effect. The Congregation schedules the visits at five-year intervals that bishops are required to make to Nephican City, when they meet with the pope and various departments of the Council. It also manages the formation of new branches.

  • President of Communications: Cardinal Josef Moldenhauer of The tomanian reich
    In charge of communications and media between other religions and Nephism, also in charge of various media used through the realm of Nephism and Nephican City

  • Administrator of the Patrimony: Cardinal Gianpietro Spadafora of Vukmire
    Ensures that provisions owned by the Papacy are provide the funds necessary for the Pontifical Council to function. Controls the treasury, central bank along with guiding the economy of the Nephican City state.

The Holy City of Nephism
Main article: Nephican City
The grand city and home of Nephism is Nephican City, a mixture of ancient architecture and modern environmental control technology. The City boasts some of the oldest structures in all of Auralia from the ancient palace of Nephmir to Saint Brablathy's Square to the Cathedral of Innocence. Along the ancient city walls are six emission sucking towers, which not only help remove pollution but also power the city itself. The City also contains various other technologies to improve the environment in a never ending battle again the pollution of UltimaWeapon.
Nephican City itself is located on UltimaWeapon's eastern coast and it's walls contain a devout population of one million people.

The Armed Forces of Nephism
Nephican city is considered an independent city state with it's own military force. It will support member states and member states are encouraged to help Nephican City if needed.
  • Army (Templar Knights): 1,000

  • Police (Swiss Guard): 500

  • Airforce (Angel Templar): Two helis, 5 fighters

  • Navy (Sea Templar): two patrol boats, 1 destroyer

Members of the Church
Joining Nephism is easy! Just telegram UltimaWeapon and say you want to join the enlightened few who follow Lord Neph.

Vukmire, UltimaWeapon, Duestchstien (Valourous Nephism), North pooristan, Dormill and Stiura, The tomanian reich, Xaverium , Thalerland, Xeriande, New dredon

Important Dates of Nephism

Credit to North pooristan for these dates (and table).




January 25th

Duestchstien's First Miracle

The day Duest ascended with Neph

January 26th

The tomanian reich's Sainthood

The day Tomanian Reich became Regent of Auralia

June 6th

The Glorious Founding Day

The first time Lord Neph spoke in Auralia

October 9-10

The Days of Remembrance

The two days when we remember knights who have since passed

October 11

The Day of Return

The day Lord Neph has risen again, the day when we celebrate new life