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Military of the Commonwealth

The Armed Forces of the Commonwealth have the role of protecting the nation from foreign aggression, and protecting it's borders from the raiders which reside within inland Auralia. The Armed Forces fall under the control of the Council of the Union, which resides in New Bucharest, and oversees the military and economic development of the nation.

Active Personnel: 304,000,000
Reserve Personnel: 769,000,000


Commonwealth Ground Forces and Air Forces
Size: 178,000,000 Personnel

Although the Ground Forces are a separate branch than the Air Force, they use the same vehicles and thus they have been combined.

~10,003 LinkL-40 Air Carrier
Standard Helicarrier used by both the Ground Forces and Air Force

~3,012,000 LinkSu-27 Zhuravlik
Standard Tactical Surface Fighter used in urban environments

Commonwealth Navy
Size: 691,000,300 Personnel
The Navy specializes in space and on-sea combat.

~3,001 LinkCSS Infinity-Class Warship
Main spaceship of the Commonwealth Navy.