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A Common Thorn

“Prime Minister?’ spoke Ministers Leola Southerson, who was from one of the prominent families of the Principality “Yes Minister?” replied The Prime Minister.

“Do you think it wise that we had voted against the legislation?” he asked. He continued, “Wouldn’t it send a message to TNP?”
“What message are we sending, Minister?' The Prime minister asked, 'As far as I was aware, we had a debate on a legislation that had split the House into two. And our decision was based on the vote from the Heads of the Religious Associations in The Principality. If we are sending messages, then I advise you to have your office searched for listening devices.”

The Minister sometimes was not the brightest punch in The Party of Longshore's, but he was overall tolerable.
Minister Leola protested, “But Prime Ministers, we have always sided with all the Delegates of TNP?”

At this point, the Prime Minister was getting impatient, and he was a little hungry. The Halls of Parliaments Café was serving his favourite dish, roasted Herring and Salmon, with roasted vegetables. He was looking forward to lunchtime. He asked, “Minister, is there a point to your question?”

“It is just that His Majesty hasn’t been himself lately since the legislation came through.”
Ah there it is, the Prime Minister thought, now we are getting somewhere. Slimy little bastard.
“His Majesty, Minister. Is also torn because of the legislation. Have you forgotten why we reinstated, the Death Penalty?” Replied Prime Minister Harald.
“I have not forgotten.' replied Minister Leola, ‘But if our Majesty has been compromised, then perhaps The Principality, should look at a new Ruling house?”
Ah you slimy toad, thought The Prime Minister, “I assure you, Minister Leola. His Majesty has not been compromised. If he has, the Retainer would have already removed him from the Throne.”

Minister Leola looked at Prime Minister Harald and replied, “But Prime Minister, you are his Retainer, since our beloved Queen is already in the Halls of Valhalla.”

“So you are saying as bluntly as you would. You want me to remove The House of Le Eota, under the pretence that His Majesty has been compromised by a Bill that was put through in the World Assembly. And this is a governing body that is not part of our own Nation, but is entirely made up of other Nations from other Regions, Minister?”

“Yes,’ replied Minister Leola.

Prime Minister Harald, stopped in front of the Statue of Lady Lucille Ball Berjaya, a Matriarch of the House of Berjaya, who in her time, had voiced and constantly petition The Temple of The All-Father to allow woman, to vote and be a part of Parliament. He turned and looked at the Minister and asked, “Whose House do you want to rule Minister?”

Minister Leola cleared his throat, suddenly it was dry. They did say, anyone who looks into the eyes of the Prime Minister, they seem to feel the full judgment of the Gods upon them.

“The House of Gustafson.” He replied. It was almost hard to even come out.

The Prime Minister asked,” You want a Minor House to Rule, Minister?”

The Minister simply nodded.

“And who will be the Retainer?” asked The Prime Minister, still looking at the Minister. He didn't feel any pity for the Minister, as he already knew what will transpire, if a Minor house should rule, a Major House will surely offer one of their own for marriage.

The Minister felt as if he was under scrutiny from the Temple of the All-Father when he was asked to meet there with the House of Redara. The House of Redara had offered him the hand of Luciano the firstborn son of Minister Acai Redara and Lady Lamiae Redara, as betrothed to his niece Gwen, who was the first born to his sister Lady Amerada Gustafson and Lord Primrose Gustafson.
They were of the same age and had a lot in common, it was a good match, so he thought. But the only dark and ominous outcome was his Niece will be a puppet and will likely be killed on the wedding night.

“The House of Redara, Prime Minister." Replied Minister Leola. He felt even smaller as if the halls of Parliament was slowly shrinking.

The Prime Minister took a deep breath and sighed, “After all these aeons, the House of Redara still want to Rule?” His blue eyes turned a sudden shade of red and fire, it was a sign that The Prime Minister was a Dragoon, now he felt pity for the Minister.

“What did they offer you Minister? ’ He asked, ‘Your family line and my own has not been tainted. Our families still have the Dragons Blood.”

Minister Leola, felt as if the heavens had opened and he was no longer human but a Dragon, standing in front of a Dragoon, he felt at ease and no longer under scrutiny. “They offered marriage between my niece and Minister Acai’s son.”

He quickly added, “I have not agreed Prime Minister. I told them, that I have to speak to the House of Gustafson first. The House of Gustafson had always come to House of Southerson for approval on their marriages as you know Prime Minister”

Some of the Minor houses has always gone to a Major house seeking advice and approval for marriages. It was a good way of keeping relationships with the Houses.

The House of Southerson and the House of Gustafson had always had a good relationship, they had always worked together since it was mainly their families that lived in the remote areas of the Principality.

Thank the Gods the minister came to him thought the Prime Minister.

“I disapprove of this union, ‘Prime Minister Harald replied,’ The House of Redara’s Dragon Blood has all but have disappeared, from all their inbreeding. The only member of their family that has the Dragon blood is Lord Avery. And I suspect that it was Lord Avery that had met you. Through this marriage, they would seek a new line to reignite their blood. Your niece will purely be a puppet or she will be kept alive purely to drain her of the dragons essences. Does the Blood of the Dragon still flow through Lady Amerada’s children? “

“Yes” replied Minister Leola, ‘It is more through Gwen, but she denies it.”

“Minister we have to act quickly.' replied the Prime Minister. ‘We must save your line and that of your Niece’s life.”

“Sir Petara, send word to The Temple of The All-Father and tell them I am in route with Minister Leola to meet with the Head Priestess.”

“Yes, Prime Minister,” replied Sir Petara, he was on his phone, contacting the Temple and informing them of their intentions.

The Minister turned and asked the Prime Minister” We are going to see your wife? But it has been aeons since you have seen her. Will she be happy to receive us?”
The Prime Minister smiled, “Whether she likes it or not she will receive us. The House of Redara cannot be allowed to reignite their blood. They seek full dominance of the Principality.”

The Minister like a little brother hanging on to what his older brother was telling him, “They can’t still be angry. It has been aeons since the Dragon Wars, aeons since the denial of their marriage to the House of Winters.”

“Yes, Minister they are still angry. They are the thorn in everyone’s side Minister, but we tolerate them, as they are Dragons like as we are. Their blood will run dry with the last of their line.' replied Prime Minister Harald, “Minister inform Lady Amerada to bring Gwen to the Temple.”

“Yes, Prime Minister,” replied Minister Leola. Who was now very happy that he didn’t agree to the union, as if all of the past month's burden had been lifted from him. His confidant and best friend Lady Ulfaean had told him to go to the Prime Minister, he was very happy he had taken her advice.