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Dear Parliament

His Majesty paced the throne room deep in thought of the events that had passed. The throne room had several nobilities amusing themselves with general gossips. And Princess Grace going from group to group, adding her points of view and what cupcakes taste the loveliest.

The previous day conversation with his page boy still plagued His Majesty. The young lad had asked him, which was out of character. He had asked him if he knew about the new legislation that was up for a vote. He simply brushed the boy aside, and told him, leave it to Parliament. But the child seems persistent and said, but My Sovereign you are my voice. He wondered if the page boy knew that talking to him was against his vocation, but nonetheless, this was important to the child, so he agreed to read the legislation.

His Majesty wished that he didn’t look at it. The Legislation, no matter how poorly written it was, did spell one thing, a loophole. A loophole that can be used to free any criminal, but also it would remove the Death Penalty from the Principality.

It has been two years since the Death Penalty was reinstated, due to a heinous crime. He can still remember the headline as if it happened today, Four Children Found dismembered in a Popular Tourist Park by Local Forrester Liam O’Faolain.

He had sent a message to Parliament after reading the legislation,

Parliament, I cannot sit idly by and watch our nation follow on a whim, just to save our relationship with the region that we currently reside in. If the Bill Ban Capital Punishment passes in the W.A. Then I implore that Parliament sanctions that The Principality resigns from the World Assembly. Even though it was the wishes of our Late Queen Kieran Winter, my beloved, to return. However, I find that the W.A has now gone onto a different path on which it was intended for. It is for the best for our future, we must protect the innocents. The Principalities future.

HRH King Frank Le Eota

He knew by writing this, he not only would veto his beloved’s wishes but it would cost him the Throne. It was a risk that he had to take. This bill cannot be passed.

He was deep in thought when Princess Grace tugged at his robe. He looked at her and smiled.
"Papa, can I go see the Tree of Dragoons? Please, Papa Lady Eliza said that she won't let the bad men get me."

He bends down and picked the Princess up and replied, "We will both go."