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Weekly Update


Contact Information (9 January 2019): Europeian Reform
The Lazarus Project, the primary reform package in the senate, hit a snag as Senators Prim and Kari motioned to table the legislation. The motion came as a response to a poll from the constitutional convention which showed a large majority of the membership wanted to remove the appointed senators from the reform package outline.

The appointed senators provision allowed for the prime minister and the president to each appoint one senator to the senate. Those who support the inclusion of this mechanic say it helps add more dynamic to the politics and legislating, while those opposed claim its an overstep from the executive and threatens the checks and balances in place. Senators Kari and Prim, taking this a step further, say that removing such a mechanic will create a system too similar to the current Europeian government, therefore a system that is not worth creating.

While the Lazarus Project drafting has slowed to a halt, the senate has moved on to passing a bill that will split the executive without the rest of reform occurring. The reasoning behind such a move is to pass the structural changes that received almost unanimous support among the community in a constitutional convention poll. Such changes are almost universally accepted and as such, the senate wants to put those changes into effect as soon as possible. Passing this popular portion of reform will show some progress to what has become a lengthy process.

Executive Changes
The last week has been full of activity in terms of the executive branch. Ministers have resigned, deputy ministers have been appointed, and others removed. Leading off, the previous Minister of Culture, Rachael, has resigned, leaving the spot vacant. President Sopo and Vice President Pierce have responded by opening an application for the new minister. As of the time of writing this article, another minister has yet to be nominated.

The Ministry of the Interior also experienced a change in leadership, as Minister JayDee removed Pichtonia as Deputy Minister of Integration, and in their spot, promoted Francis Stuart to deputy minister.

Similarly, the Ministry of Communications also appointed three new deputy ministers. Bowzin, Johnny Costello, and Lloenflys have all joined the Deputy Minister team and are helping lead the Ministry of Communications.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also had a major overhaul. After a relatively inactive start, Minister HEM recently announced restructuring of the ministry, followed by the appointment of Senior Deputy Ministers Deepest House and Whitmark, as well as Deputy Ministers JayDee and CoolSpring. HEM also laid out a promotion path to help new members plan out their goals.

Europeian Progressive Party
A new political party has also sprung up this week. The Europeian Progressive Party, or EPP for short, is a new party for moderate reformers led by former Senator GraVandius. The party's platform supports moderate reform, term limits, and mentorship programs for its members.

The Ministry of Culture has launched a new program entitled "Statolympics". The program uses the NationStates game-side censuses to rank the citizens of Europeia. The program is set to release a new census once a week, and each week award points to the top three citizens depending on their rank. The first week started off with Civil Rights. The top three citizens were Calvin Coolidge, Kuramia, and Ahsoka.

This week, three separate bills were passed to the president for his signature or veto. The first was an amendment to the Awards and Honours Act which corrects a contradiction within the legislation regarding Triumphs. The second was a supplementary amendment to the Embassy Act, which addresses a section that wasn't addressed in the previous amendment to the act. The third was an amendment to the Citizenship Act which shifts the requirement for maintaining citizenship from logging into the forums once a month, to posting once a month. All bills are awaiting signatures from the president, who will make his decision after receiving a legislative assessment from the attorney general.

Discord Buddies
The Ministry of Interior launched a new program titled "Discord Buddies". Discord Buddies are experienced members of Europeia who will help out newer members who are trying to get their start in the region. The program aims to answer the questions of new members and help them feel more comfortable in the region. Applications to become a discord buddy are open to everyone, however not everyone will be qualified for the position.

Military Action Against the NPO
The Europeian Republic Navy experienced a victory against the dreaded New Pacific Order. Grand Admiral Writinglegend informed the people of Europeia of the victory which took place on Christmas day, and expressed his satisfaction with how much the ERN has developed. The region Azhukali, which was founded by two well-known NPO notables, Feux and Milograd, was seized by the Anti-Pacific Coalition.

(Europeia, 1147707) - In his resignation speech, Drexlore stated that the referendum was not his reason for resigning saying that, "I wanted to fight...I wanted to turn things around." Rather he explains that his grandparents are suffering from ill health and that if he were to win the referendum he could not govern nor lead the region with such thoughts and worries on his mind. He closed his speech by apologising to the region for his belief that he could not serve the region at this time.


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