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Inaugural Address of President Caslan

My fellow Citizens, having been elevated to the Presidency of The Amish Republic, the Presidency of the Democratic Commonwealth, the Stewardry of the Second Constitution and the Lordship of the Democratic Republic, I am most grateful to the Red Hill Estate and of course, my home Estate, Astra for the confidence they have placed in me. While I did not succeed in gaining the confidence and the electoral votes of the Tara Estate and I praise my opponent Federalist Unions for a well fought campaign, I am mindful of the ever present need for unity within the Amish Republic.

The first and foremost duty of my Administration will be the stability of the Three Realms, the eternal brothers that are the Amish Republic, the Democratic Commonwealth and the Democratic Republic. Firstly, at home, in the Amish Republic, I will uphold my constitutional duty to create a regional culture, through the promotion of various programs designed to engender a distinct regional sense of being. Before granting seals of office, I will seek to interview each proposed official to gauge suitability for the office. Lastly, I will seek permission from the Government of the Amish Republic to conduct a series of regional tours to foster closer diplomatic ties for our region. Aside from my constitutional duties, I will busy myself creating a range of titles and medals conferred by the Office, as well as accompanying standards.

In the realm of the Democratic Commonwealth, I will establish a ceremonial Presidential cabinet to fulfil my Constitutional duties to the Commonwealth. While holding no de facto authority over the residents or processes of the Commonwealth, I believe this action is a necessary duty to recognize the proud history of the Commonwealth.

Lastly, in the realm of the Democratic Republic, as Lord I will seek to enforce my Constitutional authority upon the subjects of the Lordship. A Memorandum on Good Government of the Lordship will be introduced which will, among other things, institute rule by decree in the Lordship. Dissent in the Lordship of TDR will not be tolerated.