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Excerpts from The Heist that Shook the Reds

Excerpts from The Heist that Shook the Reds - Written by George S Stefan in 1992. In 1992 relations between the two countries were beginning to become friendlier. The past was now the past. Trade and small forms of tourism began between the countries and then archival footage of the past 100 years or so of photos and films of each country were shared between them. This book however came under controversy, not for the subject itself but when it was released; during an economic meeting between Noreat’s and New noreat’s leaders and economic ministers. Because of the discussion of lousy security and millions of Cinders being stolen in Noreat, the talks were cancelled until George Stefan was forced by New Noreat to make a public apology hosted on live television or risk deportation. Stefan thought this was silly and the New Noreat government still comes under scrutiny for this decision. Stefan apologised, and the book was taken off from shelves before being re-released 6 months later after talks were done and trade was definite. Stefan is also well known for having not just anti-communist feelings but is a deep routed conservative who believes liberals are trying to undermine the New Noreat government and force capitulation through bad economy. However despite these feelings, many historians have read through his book and deemed it factual with some errors, however none that are flat out lies. Stefan has denied that the errors were intentional despite them all talking about how supposedly harsh communist soldiers were with labourers, a subject he wouldn’t mind writing about.

Chapter 3: The Meeting of Revolutionaries

“…Jacob Ishmael had met Alexander Dormant within Tolosalay’s 3rd largest munition’s factory, owning a large 500 workers on the factory floor itself. They greeted each other in the overseer’s office, who was known in the underground world to be a revolutionary in hiding, having democratic beliefs which at this point in 1842 would’ve been a death sentence, Brian Woodsman kept quiet about his beliefs unless it was to the ones he trusted the most. Within the meeting the three men had discussed various strategies. Woodsman, from documents retrieved by brave citizens illegally crossing the ocean between each Noreat, was known to be a sort of coward. He wanted to leave the factory behind, and really the only reason he accepted the position of overseer was that he would get paid more. Of course not on paper, but through bribes with some gangs who bought ammunition from him. The reason he truly went along with the heist was that it involved escaping on a ship to New Noreat to present them with the goods. Ishmael was a notorious gangster within the textile mills of Tolosalay. He knew buyers who didn’t mind buying stolen goods so he happily supplied. He was also Jewish, and with public practice of religion now being outlawed he helped keep the faith of his religion alive, despite everything his job involved being against his religious codes. Dormant agreed to meet Ishmael, and whilst Ishmael wasn’t the revolutionary Dormant hoped for, he recognised that he was smart and did genuinely hate the communists almost as much as he did. And he was tough, always silver tonged when talking, Dormant had to fight so he didn’t fall into his spell of charm as well.”

“Dormant initially only planned to rob trains. Routes between Polson, Kurson and Polsk were very much unguarded. Train robbing was too ambitious for gangsters in the city as money and contraband was always in the city and easy to take. At most, two guards were in the back carriage and one guard with the conductor at the front, but other than that it was easy. Woodsman thought this plan was good. It didn’t require too much, guns were of ample supply as he held them all; it was not hard. However, Ishmael thought different. As written in his autobiography, the first of its kind after he became New Noreat’s first celebrity: ‘I don’t want to spend years shifting in between countries. I want one job, and one job only.’ Dormant and Woodsman then laughed at his thought. The Tolosalay Central Bank. The one that the Government looks over carefully. A Heist has never been attempted there at this point but it was thought that because it was impenetrable. But in reality, guards have been skipping Sundays. Instead of doing their duties, they head to the underground pubs and get drunk. Ishmael knew this because he’s seen them several times do this. And often in their drunken states they can reveal some very sensitive material. As Ishmael continued to explain his reasoning, Dormant slowly grew a grin and approved of this idea. Woodsman was anxious of the idea but wasn’t exactly in the negotiating position. He wanted out of the country desperately. They agreed to this idea and Ishmael begin to round up his other gang members to explain this daring heist that would rock criminal and socio-political history.”

Chapter 7: Lights, Camera…

“Ishmael, and his other fellow gang members; his brother Thomas Michael Ishmael (Otherwise known more famously as Thomas Micah), a more level headed than his brother but equally violent with his fists and ambitions. Ishmael had informed Micah about the plan, and Micah had promised that he would follow Ishmael till the end with this plan. To quote Ishmael’s Autobiography; ‘”Brother”, Thomas said as he gripped my arm and smiled, “This is the true ballocks that’ll get us in the books.” I smiled back, before muttering something about giving communists a true beating. It would seem Alexander’s ideas were very much getting to me at this point. That was when my brother laughed and smacked my back, “I’ll give any commies a run for their money.”’ Micah was on board and was heavily involved at the dockyards. He promised to his brother that there was a boat one month from then that would leave on a Sunday night. Ishmael had his perfect window. Ishmael agreed to the plans and let Micah do his work whilst he himself continued to prepare for the daring heist. James Lagoon was also recruited. Lagoon was a smuggler of opium, who would frequently acquire the drugs from the drug routes that stemmed from the south of the country in the more tropical and warm climate. Lagoon knew all of the cities backstreets. Tunnels and blocked off buildings that hadn’t been used ever since the civil war. Lagoon was hired as a sort of back up. He would still be useful as a gunmen just in case on the job of course, but if they were to get in trouble he was the one. “

“Dormant brought his sister along to the job, Elise Dormant. She in many ways was an even more ambitious and cutthroat person. She remembers how the war left a scar on their family. Their parents were slaughtered, and she had to guard Alexander for many years as they grew up on the streets of Tolosalay. She would do anything to leave a mark on the communists she hated. And finally Nicholas Eielson, miner and demolitions expert. He had spent so long in the mines that he had eventually gained black lung by inhaling the coal dust. Every day he was growing sick and he did not want to die in a mine. He had helped Dormant on several occasions with minor things but now Dormant with the approval of Ishmael, Micah and Woodsman, approached him and asked if he was willing to dig a tunnel into the bank. Initially he had doubts. But when told he would leave the country then he wholeheartedly agreed.”

“The Dormants, Woodsman and Eielson went together to find materials needed for the job. Woodsman was able to import a fair few, under the guise that he need to construct additional room in the factory whilst the others found various other ways to get the remaining materials. Ishmael, Micah and Lagoon however planned the route to get to the docks. Several tunnels were brought out of thin air by Lagoon, making Ishmael and Micah confident in this plan. Lagoon asked some smugglers to bring up newly designed weapons from the city of Polson which was now the heart of the munitions industry. It was at this time when revolvers were now being built and Lagoon had a crate of them sent up in exchange of some of his own contraband. In addition, Micah kept his own double barrelled shotgun with him, a new weapon to behold. He then to conceal it within his coat, sawed off the long barrels to create what was one of the first documented uses of a sawed off shotgun.”

Chapter 8: Endgame

“The guards to the central vault chamber had now left at about 8pm, and went out the building. After 25 days of extensive mining Eielson was able to have dug 1km between the factory and the Central Bank. The two issues they ran into was support for the tunnel which required wooden beams and pillars and the actual wall that led into the chamber. The only way they were able to get through the stone wall that led to the chamber was with a pickaxe. Eielson had to be careful when scraping away the stone. He figured that he would have to leave about 5cm of stone there so the hole wasn’t exposed. It worked and on August 7th 1842, the crew Ishmael and Dormant had set up were ready at their respective positions.”

“Ishmael, Alexander and Elise Dormant, Eielson, Lagoon and Micah began the descent into the hole that was made in the factory floor and began to crawl 1km to the bank. Eielson led in front with his tools to finish the job for them to get in. Woodsman stayed behind and kept watch.”

“After hacking at the wall for 5 minutes, Eielson was successful and led them into the chamber. The hole was approximately 60cm above the chamber floor. This was luck, as they didn’t have any schematics to work in terms of height, only crude drawings made by desk workers willing to take a bribe or two. Inside the chamber was 6 rooms locked behind iron bars, which they were prepared for. There was a set of two iron doors at the end of the chamber which was where you would normally get inside. They worked in pairs once on the floor, Ishmael and Micah worked on a door, as did the Dormants and Lagoon with Eielson. It took about 10 minutes for them to get the doors open to three of the rooms before taking roughly 5 minutes to bag the millions of Cinders that were just laying them for them to take. Roughly today this heist pulled in 378 million Monarks. That is roughly 4% of New Noreat’s GDP, and In 1842 before the heist it was 142% of its GDP at the time. This Heist truly changed the course of history for the country. The pairs then did the same to the other three doors and bagged the Cinders.”

“It was at 10pm that each member of the crew had crawled out of the chamber. All had met back up at the factory and had shift as time was running out. They had only one hour to reach the docks. Elise had asked Eielson for a favour to really make them known to all of Noreat. Unknowingly to the rest of the crew who were too busy bagging money, Eielson had quietly placed a booby trap at the two iron doors so when they eventually needed to open the door… well the next morning 3 guards and 1 bank manager were killed from both the explosion and traces of shrapnel that entered their bodies. “

“They had all brought a change of clothes, a rarity in Noreat. But this was to hide the dust and first that was now on their clothes. Woodsman had scouted the street across from the factory and said it was clear but only for a few minutes. The 6 bank robbers changed clothes and kept hold to their money. After crossing the factory courtyard and quickly scurrying from one side of the street to the other, they had reached a manhole within an alley. Lagoon quickly pried it open and asked them to all jump down. This tunnel would lead them straight to the docks within ten minutes of walking which would’ve originally been twenty minutes plus patrol.”

Several Pages Later

“Micah was the first to open the manhole cover, peeking his head up to see various crates and boxes. They were there. The crew quickly got up through the hole and covered it up. Micah threw his bag to Woodsman and scurried around the docks after telling the crew to stay there. Micah had met with the bribed dock inspector, who really was a corrupt officer who would occasionally inspect ships to make sure nothing illegal was going on and off. The officer was called Dmitri Pentalov and in reality was planning to stab Micah in the back. He did tell the soldiers that the ship was clear, in front of Micah of course so he was reassured. However Micah was smart. Micah had in his pocket a makeshift garrotte. Micah threw a few bills of Cinders on a table close to them. Pentalov of course went for it, smiling, happy for more money. And that’s when Micah threw his hands over Pentalov’s head, thrusted the garrotte back and began to choke him out.”

“Twenty minutes later Micah had returned. The crew had feared that he had possibly been caught but he reassured them that he just made their ride out. They were able to easily walk across the dockyard and enter on the allocated ship The Freedom Fighter. They snuck aboard and hid in the cargo bay whilst the boat left the port and all seven of them couldn’t believe now that they were actually leaving. It was accounted that Elise Dormant began to cry, and Woodsman had to hold back tears. One hour into the journey they all heroically got up from the cargo bay and held up the crew before Ishmael, Dormant, and Micah entered the captain’s quarters and mercilessly beat him. Whilst their cause was heroic, this was one of their darkest moments. Two Crew members attempted to attack the heist crew by storming the quarter’s with swords. Micah looked back and showed no hesitation to bring out his Sawed Off Shotgun and fired. Multiple pellets had entered one of the crew member’s stomach, sending him down immediately and kill them. The remaining crew member had pellets enter his arm which made him fall down and weep before Micah and Ishmael got the idea to reinforce the idea of no mutiny. On the deck, Ishmael had carried the injured crew member whose name after crying it out was revealed to be James. He threw James onto the floor and kicked his stomach several times before Micah walked behind and aimed the shotgun at James. ‘”Attention all of the crew… if you ever attempt a mutiny like that again… then you will meet the fate of your beloved James here.” My brother said before firing the remaining shell. The pellets had torn into the boy’s skin and opened his neck up. His head virtually exploded, organs landing around the deck and a section of his skull landing on my boots, making me kick them off. As much as I still believe what we did was right, and needed to secure that security he was still only a boy. I wonder what my brother had running through his head as he did that. Often I thought I was the one who was hot headed but when he gets pissed he will tear anything apart. I could see it in his eyes. He was still just a thief, like me. At least I didn’t try to disguise it.’ This excerpt from Ishmael’s book summarises the feelings they had. Described were the emotions of all who saw. Alexander never saw as he was stuck in the quarter’s making sure the captain didn’t try anything. Woodsman was revolted at the sight and is known for vomiting over the side of the ship for hours after seeing the boy’s body go lifeless and explode. Elise looked blankly seemingly not understanding the cost of a human. Eielson looked away but agreed to dump the body with Micah overboard. He had seen bodies in the mines. Micah was silent for the next few days. He didn’t often kill but he was ready to kill Pentalov, not those two. He had seemingly built up a disgust for the officer, making the kill less human and more mandatory and something he had to do. But after a discussion with his brother Ishmael it was revealed that he did cry in his sleep, and was haunted for several months after with the face of the boy before he destroyed it. Ishmael however had killed quite a few and was desensitised to the whole experience. Needlessly to say the journey to New Noreat was uncomfortable but after two weeks they arrived.”

“Port officials approached them as it was an unannounced arrival however a giant crowd began to draw near as the crew hoped off the boat and presented them with the money. 340 million Cinders were presented which drew the press near as well, earning them all a name in history. 38 million was missing however. Ishmael, Micah and Lagoon kept 30 million of the Cinders hid on the ship and arrived back to collect it at a later date. At the very end of the day they were still thieves. The Dormants, Eielson and Woodsman collected 2 million Cinders each, happy with the share they got.”

“They were all praised for helping with the democratic and republican cause. Alexander Dormant eventually went into politics, joining the Whigs in parliament 10 years after and actively campaigned for the expansion of Free Market and freedom of speech. He died in 1868 to a fatal heart attack. Elise Dormant bought a homestead under a male name and stayed there for the remainder of her life, free to drink tea and sit out on her porch, hosting some of her brother’s campaign parties. After attending her brother’s funeral she died 14 years later in 1882, having died to a suspected case of pneumonia. Brian Woodsman was ran over by a horse carriage on his birthday on the 14th of September, 1854. Nicholas Eielson died shortly after arriving in New Noreat in 1843, having died due to lung cancer. James Lagoon eventually got hooked to opium himself and died having taken a large does and falling into a lake, drowning in it. He left behind 9.3 Million cinders which were left behind for Micah and Ishmael to split in half, increasing their fortunes. Thomas Michael Ishmael co-owned a large steel mill company with his brother, controlling the transportation and exportation of goods. His networth grew from around about 14 million cinders to 78 million cinders before his death. Micah was a drinker and at the age of 74, a rather old age to live to given his condition, he died due to liver failure, passing in his sleep quietly. It was now his brother, Jacob Ishmael to oversee the whole company alone, despite being advised not to. Before his death, Ishmael went legitimate and grew the company with his brother. Ten years after the heist he wrote his own autobiography, specifically his life in Noreat and then the heist. He never wrote before and the writing was rather basic but it sold tens of thousands of copies, a success in his eyes. After the death of his brother he handled the company for a few months before realising he couldn’t do it at the age of 68. He let his position as CEO and Chairman go for a check and left quietly although happy. He bought an extravagant mansion for himself and stayed inside it for a large portion of his remaining life. He became interested in art and for 12 years grew his talent. One day when he was out in town and sat on a bench, he felt his chest convulse and threw his hand up to his chest. He stood up, trying to get inside a store before losing control of his legs and falling onto the ground. Many bystanders went in and tried to help but couldn’t. At the age of 80 he died of a heart attack in 1907. The legacy they left behind however, changed the course of New Noreat forever, and helped vital industries and the army grow from the threat of economic and military dominance from Noreat. Lagoon, Eielson and Woodsman faded into history, Lagoon however got a plaque of his name inscribed on a monument named after him. Alexander and Elise Dormant had statues built in their honour in the capital. Alexander Dormant had a university named after him. Micah had also his own bourbon chain of alcohol made which went out of business twenty years after his death. He had a statue built in his honour in the courtyard of the steel mill. Jacob Ishmael had his assets put into the Whig party which his friend Alexander Dormant fought so hard for, and the remainder of 20 million Monarks hidden away. People still are hunting for this treasure, for documents left behind state that he hid them somewhere near the grave of Micah and Lagoon, who he was buried next to. “

In 2015 two treasure did find the treasure which was worth 50 times the amount it would’ve been worth originally due to its historic significance. It eventually landed itself inside a national museum.

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