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Schildkröte B.2C3


General Info

Type: Self-Propelled Ordnance Projector

Origin: West Rechian Republic

Designer: Grunder Heavy Industries

In Service: 2284 - Present

The Tortoise was developed alongside the Monster B.8B to carry the 320mm Lucifer HV cannon as a solution to foreign superheavy vehicles. Originally, the Tortoise was planned as a sniper to stay behind in rear echelon, concealing itself before firing powerful shots at the enemy from long range. The combination of firepower and speed was supposed to make the vehicle effective in the rear, able to fire until the enemy drew to close and then flee. However, demand for a mobile HVOP platform required that any vehicle designed along these lines possessed the ability to counter both ground and airborne threats, resulting in the Schildkröte B.2C, a variant of the original production variant, the anti-tank B.1A.

The vehicle's armour is interesting, consisting of thin hull armour near the suspension but supplemental plates layered overtop of the wheels. In addition, the lack of a turret allows the rear and sloped hill to be extremely heavily armoured, while slat armour near the gun provides protection against HE rounds coming from the front. In many areas, armour is thick above essential regions like the cockpits, ammunition rack and engine, angled to deflect sabot rounds through the vehicle and out the back while only causing non-essential damage. The supplemental plates layered on the sides are thickest, around 200mm of blended steel, each carrying layered ERA. When a steel plate is damaged or is shredded of its ERA, the plate can be replaced either by accompanying infantrymen or by a crew member exiting the vehicle.

The tank, despite its anti-aircraft Lucifer is most vulnerable from the air, so it carries a CIWS module embedded into the hull above the engine. This system is capable of engaging up to four projectiles travelling at Mach-8 from 2km out or further, or two from 1km, and one from 500m. Naturally the system relies quite heavily upon radar or COFFIN support, but negates the need for constant SAM, AA or fighter support. To control all these complicated systems, the Schildkröte carries the Pilgrim J.44 Threat Detection and Interception Computer, the first of its kind. Capable of converting the Schildkröte from one part of an overlapping protective system to an independent station, all of its defences working together in what has been described as an "internal COFFIN interface". Threats are located, analyzed, assessed and prioritized, allowing the Schildkröte to remain effective in its own defence even when COFFIN is down or unreliable.



Main Gun - 1 x 320mm Lucifer II[s]

Loading System: Mk. XXXII Hydrokinetic Automated

Rate of Fire: 10 rounds per minute sustained

Accuracy (1000m): 0.01m D

Penetration (1000m) - 104.9cm (R2442)

Turret-Mounted Machine Guns - 1 x 25mm Sterling Mk. V

Coaxial Machine Gun - 1 x 20mm Badger Mk. I


6th Generation Composite Hybrid Armour - Stormshell Mk. CXV

Front: 200mm

Rear: 100mm

Sides: 10mm

4th Generation Layered Modular Explosive Reactive Armour - Dragontears Mk. I


Slat Armour - Spiderweb Mk. II

Fore Chassis


Avro CV Mk. LI LC Turbo-Charged Diesel Twin Engines - 2000hp

Top Speed: 80Km/ph


Crew: 3

Length: 9m (29ft 6inch)

Width: 3.6m (11ft 10inch)

Height: 1.9m (6ft 3inch)

Weight: 39.7 tons

Deviations From Images

Pictured in these images are the training variants of the A.2C, not the combat variants. The Combat Tortoise carries a 320mm main gun, which extends much further than the pictured 220mm gun, with a much thicker barrel and wider bore.