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The Ugly Truth of the World Assembly - A Guide to Those Who do not Know

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If you are reading this now you probably are either currently in the WA or are considering joining it. I, [nation]Pine Peaks[/nation], was formerly a WA nation, so I know a lot about being in the WA, so let's discuss your activities in the WA.


     As a member of the WA, you will have the ability to do TWO things related to legislations, voting and making proposals.

     Almost all the time there is a proposal, either in the World Assembly or Security Council (or both,) in which you can vote for both.
     The World Assembly is just massive role play aimed to replicate a certain real-world organisation. This is where people vote on passing international laws (of which, nothing really happens.)
     The Security Council is where people vote on affecting fellow regions by either giving them a condemnation (gives the region or nation a condemned badge for doing something wrong,) commendation (gives the region or nation a badge showing that they have contributed to the bettering of NationStates,) and liberation (frees a region from raiders by opening the password.)
     Condemnations are ineffective as all the regions or nations being condemned are content with earning these badges. Liberations are effective only as actually liberating regions, but they can also be used for a sign of humiliation for regions (but none of these get passed any more as people are tired of them.) Commendations are the only ones that actually work most of the time. 

     Anyone with at least two endorsements can submit proposals, but only specific people can succeed. In order have your proposal go to vote, you need to have the approval of 5% of all the WA Delegates on NationStates. To have WA Delegates notice your proposal, you need stamps. You need to pay for stamps, but using them will make sure that WA Delegates notice your proposal. If you don't use stamps there is next to no chance you will have any success of putting a proposal to the voting of the World Assembly unless you're extremely lucky. This causes the World Assembly to be a pay-to-win part of the game.

NOTE: The Security Council takes their rules EXTREMELY seriously, and any slight slip-up will cause them to deem your proposal illegal. I once had to resubmit a proposal because it vaguely sounded like a violation of the rule “write in the perspective of the Security Council.”


     Providing that you are in the same region, you can endorse anyone you want to endorse. This can be for literally any reason you wish. The more endorsements you have, the more influence you will gain. This is very good for admins as influence allows you to do many actions.


     All in all, the World Assembly and a fair bit of the Security Council is a rather useless system corrupted by a pay-to-win system involving stamps and how many of the resolutions on regions are effectively useless. Unless this game makes major changes, this will continue and lead to this game declining in enjoyment. The World Assembly is genuinely a good idea that could bring an enhanced experience to NationStates, but the way people handle it and it’s methods of success are ruining its quality.

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