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Appendix.. who, what and why?

Greetings from the Editor of Bananaaaa, this is the place where Lore lives.

A lot of Lore will be written for this link :)

Only a Dragoon can rule in The Principality.

Current Ruling House The Fifth Dragon Le Eota
The House of Le Eota Flag

House of Winter Flag


The White Dragon also known as The first light of Winter, represents HRH Queen Kieran Winter, House of The First Born Dragon Winter Born 203 Wintersday, was Assinated on ZDAY 6

The Golden Dragon also known as the Fire Within, represents HRH King Frank Le Eota, House of The Fifth Dragon Le Eota , Born 205 Summersday, current Ruler of The Principality.

The House of Redara Flag

Prominent Houses

The House of Southerson

Drakes Minor Houses

The House of Gustafson

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