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Nerd boi for Local Council

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Who are you?
Hello, I'm Kyle! Y'all can call me NHC (or Deborah if Auphelia turns me into a female). You may have heard of me as that guy with horrible poetry skills, that sweaty nerd that tryhards NS trading cards, or perhaps something else. I've done some rather notable things. I participate in LC elections, I write Southern Daily News (SDN), and I'm active on the RMB. I have over 8000 posts, the 6th most in TSP. I've been in TSP for over a year now, approximately January 20th of last year. Because I write SDN, I read every single RMB post, leaving me likely to find suppression-worthy content.
What are your plans?
Here's the obvious one: Continue Southern Daily News. In fact, even if I lose the election, I still will continue it.
Here's an idea I just know y'all love: RMB games. I've already done a lot of trivia, a lot about music, and I would absolutely love to continue that, as well as add to it.
I would, in addition to the aforementioned use of polls, use polls to vote on RMB Etiquette. This would help gamesiders make the RMB what they think the RMB should be.
Conflict of Interest
My main nation is New Haudenosaunee Confederacy. A full list of my present nations can be found here. My only current position is being a legislator in TSP. I used to be a resident of TNP, and I also once had my own region. I can give more information if needed.

Dinoium wrote:Will you help enforce the RMB Rules and Etiquette?

Yes. Moderating the RMB is perhaps among the most important aspects of a Local Councillor, if not the most important. Having our RMB as complete anarchy is not good for the sake of common sense as well as our image as a region.

Dinoium wrote:Have you ever broken any of TSP's Regional Laws and/or the RMB Rules and Etiquette?

I have not broken any regional laws or RMB Rules and Etiquette. (although note that I don't have a memory that's too great)

Dinoium wrote:In 3 words, how could you describe your campaign?

I really like this question. I could use so many different sets of words to represent my campaign accurately. However, I'd personally use "Moderate and interact", because moderating the RMB is a really important job, but I believe that you shouldn't be just some guy suppressing posts, you should also be interactive and trying to create fun for the gameside community.

Dinoium wrote:What will you do as a member of the Local Council?

I partially answered this along with the last question. I would, as you might expect, fairly moderate the RMB with reason as well as create fun games, polls, challenges, quizzes, and things alike to be more than a guy with the power of suppression, because that's not what the LC should be.

Dinoium wrote:Do you know anyone's who would endorse your campaign?

There's definitely people who would, although nobody's actually done it yet. Because nobody's actually done it, I would prefer to not say who I'm thinking of.

Dinoium wrote:If you had to endorse anybody else for Local Council, who would it be?

Not sure yet. I'll revisit this question later during the nominations period.

Dinoium wrote:Do you regret filing the Court cases surrounding the Local Council?

I do regret the cases against Auphelia, which I perhaps done mostly because I wasn't very familiar with TSP's law at the time. However, the more recent 2 against Slab I do not regret.

Dinoium wrote:Will you help make the Forum Sub Forum of Local Council more active?

I want to, but I'm not sure how. Because the Local Council is gameside, having a link between the Forums and the LC can, and without a doubt is, quite challenging. The best thing I could do is attempt to promote Forumside activity to the RMB.

Lily Pad Nation wrote:Erm, how will you treat your other LC members especially Auphelia?

I will try to be cooperative with the LC and have a specific set of guidelines for suppression that I will follow, as well as (hopefully) the rest of the LC. To prevent disagreements within the LC and confusion on what is actually legal on the RMB and what isn't, I will make sure the LC agrees on all the guidelines created, whether I make these guidelines or not. Auphelia has a great chance of being elected, especially after she nearly succeeded in the previous election (but unfortunately didn't). I believe the aforementioned ideas would function well if Auphelia, or almost anybody else, is to be elected.