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by The Second Republic of New Herdon. . 138 reads.

New Herdon's Commie List

Any nation I can find who I consider a commie (in no particular order).

Red country? Sounds suspicious to me.
Everyone knows those penguins are a bunch of communists.
[Strike]socialism[/strike]Communism is anything but logical.
Used to be run by a commie dictator, and likes anime. Weeb commies are even worse than normal reds.
Refuses to give me free oil. That alone is reason to put them here.
[nation]Concrete Slab[/nation]
Too much red on their flag. Also killed me once.
Everyone has the same amount of money. Sounds dreadful.
What kind of nation gives all their money to the people? That stuff goes into some government officials' pockets.
Need I say anything?
[nation]Peoples DPRK[/nation]
See above entry.
I'll be honest. I have no idea why this person's on my commie list. But you are, Poleande. And every nation is here for a reason.
[nation]Soviet Asian Union[/nation]
Pretty sure no one would want a union with the Soviets.
To be continued...