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Interview With WA Delegate of The South Pacific

The Independent


Our Reporters got close to Erinor,the new WA Delegate of The South Pacific,Game Created Region.We interview him about his success and future plans about TSP.

1.It is seen that you won with a margin of approximately 40 votes.Do you consider it as a poor margin or a good one?

It was a relatively poor turnout compared to last summer's election, but we also have far fewer nations in the region now than then. Keeping that in consideration, I think the 40 vote margin was fairly typical, especially given than my opponent, the delightful Beepee, was a first-time candidate.

2.What do you think,what policies or ideas made you win the elections?

To be quite honest, I suspect it was my familiarity, as both an older nation and a former Delegate, that swung it for me. Campaign and policy-wise, Beepee and I were pretty similar.

3.Any operation or change that you would carry out immediately after being elected as the WA Delegate?

There are no plans for immediate changes. The TSP Delegacy is all about trust and stability and that isn't gained by shaking things up. Instead, I plan to enact a few gradual changes to how I run the Delegacy to provide the most benefit to the region.

4.What is your future vision for TSP?

TSP's Delegacy is a security and figurehead position, so in many ways it doesn't really matter what my vision is as those enacting any vision will primarily be the cabinet and the local council. That being said, I do have one. I want to see a TSP which is ever more inclusive, supportive and welcoming, rich in culture and robust in democracy and engaged in all possible areas of NS gameplay and activities - which for us, right now, means expanding more into the WA. These are the things I would expect from a feeder and TSP does deliver, but we can always improve.

5.How much hard work have one to do to gain such a high and respectable post?

To be Delegate in TSP you have to earn the trust of both the Assembly on the forums and region as a whole, particularly on the RMB. For myself, my term as Local Council and three terms as Minister of Regional Affairs were the stepping stones to earning that trust and becoming a well-established, popular figure. I've always tried to engage people in TSP's culture, welcomed and supported and encouraged the bridging of our gameside and forum communities and people have come to associate me with these things.

6.For how long are you on NationStates? What chnages have you witnessed since then in TSP?

I've been ‘playing’ NS since April 2016 and I started getting involved in the community just as the Great Council which rewrote our charter after the constitutional crisis of January '16 was coming to an end. Since then I've seen the region hone it's laws, restructure its judiciary, become more defender-leaning in foreign and military affairs, embrace the gameside more and develop SWAN, our endorsement-swapping program.

7.TSP is known for its attractive cultural fests.Please mention some of them.What else do you think makes TSP attractive?

I could toot my own horn here and talk about some of my own festivals, like A Drop in the Ocean which we ran with our oldest allies, The North Pacific, but I'm sure the most memorable festivals have been those run by Escade. I particularly enjoyed the Middle Earth Festival last summer.

TSP's most attractive attributes, however, are is long history of democracy and its relatively laid back attitude. There is a culture of friendship and love in TSP which I've felt stronger than in any other region I've joined and its why it will always be my home.

8.How is TSP different from rest of the Pacific regions?

We're a bit more laid back and a bit more chaotic as we bask in our digital sunshine with a glass of SPIT in hand.

9.Since TSP is a GCR,so it has a huge responsibility of guiding new nations and especially the ones in UCR's towards a happy NSing.Have TSP taken any step in this case?Or will it take any such step?

I don't fully understand your question, in that I'm not sure what UCRs have to do with it, but we are well aware of our responsibility in introducing new nations to the game. To be honest, integration has never been our strongest skill, but it's something we are continuously improving, with ministries developing new programs and trying new tacks to encourage new nations to join in and learn about different aspects of the game.

We are now moving towards Foreign Relations

10.The relations of your region,TSP have been terminated with The Pacific (GCR).Is TSP considering to re-establish relations or something like that with The Pacific?

Fortunately, the TSP Delegacy has very little to with foreign affairs as that is ultimately the responsibility of our duly elected Minister of Foreign Affairs. Given that we're in election season as I wrote this, the exact nature of our future foreign policy is still to be determined, but as far as I can tell, none of our MoFA candidates wish to rebuild relations with the Pacific any more than we want to join in the war against them.

11.As we all know a massive war is going on between Anti-Fascist regions and allainces (mainly represented by Antifa,MT Army and a few others) and those against their policies.What is the stance of TSP on this issue.As you are elected the new WA Delegate,are you going to implement some new measures in this case?

TSP has been involved in antifa ops for a long time and we have connections with some of the organisations listed. As a figurehead, however, the Delegate has no power over this area of Regional life, so the answer to the second part of your question could only be, ‘not even if I wanted to’.

12.As we all know that most of the times media and newspapers are mis-used,threatened and abused by some powerful International Alliances to cater their needs.How does TSP helps towards a 'Independent Media Society'?How do you empower your regional newspaper?

Our regional newspapers, even those government run have always been encouraged to be independent voices and we pose no restrictions on our nations writing for external publications. Sadly, we've been lacking in quality internal journalism for while now, but there are sparks of hope that the new term will see a true renaissance of journalism within TSP and I can't wait!

13.We recently came to know that there is some ongoing conflict between two WA Blocs,WALL(joined by TNP,Balder,Europeia and a few other) and ILC-Interregional Legislative Coalition(mainly joined by Socialist Regions).What is TSP's stance on it?

We don't have a formal stance right now and much will depend on who is elected MoFA. What I can say is that there is clearly an appetite for TSP to be involved in some kind of WA bloc as part of our growing focus on this area of the game.

Thank you very much for the interview,I hope our readers have enjoyed it as much I did.We cleared some lonh term doubts and got to know TSP better!