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TNP and the Search for the Best Media of All Time

The Best Media of All Time

Heyo. Welcome to a fun new series the Culture Ministry is running - where we try to find the absolute, officially unofficial best or worst thing in any given category. Consider it like an election, only much more important.

And we're starting with a big one - the best piece of media of all time. It can be anything, from a book to a tv series, a film, a video game, even a piece of art or YouTube video. It just needs to be submitted and you need to give a reason for it to be considered as the best media of all time. This is important. There's an award and stuff.*

Nominations are open now, and then our panel of expert** judges will decide which nominations go through to the polling rounds, which will happen over a number of days before we come down to a winner - the best piece of media of all time.

Just fill out the form below to get nominating - we'll allow multiple nominations but the number of nominations you make might be taken into account when it comes time to judge them.

Name of Media:
Reasoning for why it's the best ever:

*There's not an award.
**By expert we mean 'they have working eyes and ears'. Don't tell that's not what expert means.

Send nominations to The Notorious Mad Jack