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States of Talixhana


Talix was the original state and the first one that became independent. The state holds the nations capital, Carsten, and is one of the most prosperous states. It is well known for being a center of culture and Talixhanan economics. Manufacturing here thrives, as does shipping and trade.


Chockmaw is made up mostly of Indians who were forced their and white settlers. The state is usually left to its own devices and is isolated from the rest of the country culturally. Economically though, itís full of oil fields and is quite rich, although it suffers from unemployment and high crime.


Tombstone is just west of Talix and is nearly all desert, dry, and humid. The state has it's perks though. Mining jobs fuel the economy along with railroad tycoons and anyone generous to fix cars. The state is very sparse and large scale gangs form easily thanks to small settlements and a lack of a strong, centralized Federal Government.


Caniber is one of the more northern states. It's infected by the Suera desert that already drowns states like Tombstone but the Mahan river, Talixhana's largest river, runs through it, giving it grassy fields and a more muggy feeling then other states. Econimically, mostly service and construction jobs, along with mining, due to it's growing population.


Haydn is the least populous state and the most open. It has a few towns and cities here and there, mostly around the Mahan river, but it remains a Suera desert wasteland. The state has poor crime rates and poorer economics, but manages to get by with service and construction jobs.


A state in the northwest, it touches plains in Nonscio and has the Uckamawg Lake, giving it a musty and muggy and swampy feel, paired with hills and fields. Hunting is popular here and many people are moving into the state, making Real Estate one of it's largest industries, along with agriculture


Falmor, a central western state, enjoys less muggy but similarly green conditons to Padahon, making agriculture one of it's main forms of income although it has a strong and quickly developing tech industry.


One of Two Hispanic states, Hana was the second ever state and formed the Talixhana republic. The state has a flourishing fishing and farming industry and being one of two coastal states, it has developed quite fast. It's population is also growing fast although the state has awful roads and is prone to corruption.

San Suera

Named for the desert that occupies it, livestock and a bit of mining maintain this state. San Suera suffers from even worse infrastructure problems, and some parts don't have electricity. Help from other states has start to bolster the sparsely populated San Suera.