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Expansion of Karlovich

The Empire of Karlovich has added another province to its control. Direct orders from Царь Карлович (tsar karlovich) stated to go into the land and begin construction of roads to connect it to the capital city of Карлград (karlgrad).

A small backwards tribe were encountered as karlovichian tanks guarding the construction rolled over one of their elderly people. As the tribe were small and seemed hostile and backwards. General Markov (Марков) ordered the killing of the tribe and that the children be taken to be educated. No more than 130 were killed with 30 boys and 16 girls being taken.

Construction of the City of Danov (Данов) went smoothly as many hospitals and schools were built in the city. The corporations built shops and offices in the city centre. And many people moved to the city from the capital. Overall the City has maintained decent hygiene but poor people seem to still be a small issue.

Quotes from Tsar Karlovich include:
"I am happy with the progress of the city and the various improvements it will make on our nation. I will gladly say that any of my slavic allies can visit the city for a length of 2 weeks to enjoy its splendor"