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As Parliament expands, candidates run for open seats

By Fishing perch - 2/10/19

MP's Laudesia and Justicia y paz passed Boosting Parliament Numbers, a bill that would change a part in article five of The United Ascendancy Constitution. It was originally written that there would be one MP for every ten citizens in the region. It is now one MP for every five citizens in the region.

The reasoning for the change and quote from the bill "to establish a healthy amount of people in the parliament, even when our citizen count is low. In order for everyone to be fairly represented." The amendment received unanimous support from the public, and was ratified.

As result of the change, two more Parliament seats have opened and two people have declared candidacy for those seats. Suvmia declared candidacy for the District 2 seat and is the sole contender, the other candidate being Wansul, declaring candidacy for the District 3 seat and also being the sole contender. Ascanian has also declared candidacy but has not declared a district.