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Brief History on the Franchestolian Bush War's

The Franchestolian Bush War's were fought between the terrorist DPLF (Dhallen Pellenian Liberation Front) group and the Franchestolian Imperial Forces and the war's lasted from Year 230 to Year 270 of the 4th Era.

The War was a brutal conflict mixed with jungle and urban warfare with the smell of napalm and burning flesh in the morning, this was truly a brutal war. Public opinion from the homeland was extremely fanatic and they saw it as a message of strength and pride for the nation, whilst the soldier's who departed from their homes to fight in the wet jungles to the smouldering city ruins turned into mindless killing machines after they've been broken by the horrors of war and atrocities committed, the smell of napalm and flesh burned so deep into their psyche that the only way to find catharsis is in death.

The war's were ended when 20,000 Franchestolian Soldier's entered the Dhallen Capital of Sorein which the defenders numbering 4000 (including the leadership of the DPLF) surrendered and were blindfolded and kicked off of a cliff 350 feet tall, this brutal execution was broadcast live to the home of thousands of Franchestolians, which many of them horrified which caused a major riot which the military was forced to get involved after automatic firearms were used by the rioters and a full-blown battle took place in the Franchestolian capital of Polisia which there were 230 arrests and 47 deaths.