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Journal. Feb.11th.2019.

So this weekend was busy. I got second Christmas. Which was a bunch of art stuff and this really cool wolf hoodie that I love. I think I got three different art kits which was really cool. I got a new sketch book. And a animal how to draw book. Which is helpful saying I mostly draw off sight.

I went to my friend Bellaís house and hung out in her room for awhile. She kept taking my phone and texting random people. Which led to an awkward conversation with my cousin who Bella called cute. And then he pretty much asked if he could hook up with her......😅😅. So that was weird.

Then I had pep band which was boring as hell. I pretty much just texted my friend Red the entire time. Tas was there so we hung out a little bit. I still feel a little guilty dating him. I remember something again about The Gavin guy.... I remember him...slitting his front of me. I remember what had happened before hand........I remember falling to my knees and crying as he walked away....I remember him going to the hospital...I remember not eating anything for a week. I donít even remember him and it still scares me.

Yesterday I went to a Tobymac concert. It was really cool. Especially the light show. I could feel the drums from the balcony. They played speak life. One of my favorite songs. At the end it was like a party and was really fun. We didnít have school today so I think I might go to Redís and play video games or something like that with him.