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Get your damn facts straight. - An open letter

Friends of Eientei Gensokyo,

I want to thank you for sparking revival in our region, especially in our “roleplay” (quoted for reasons later) scene and for offering my trainee delegate, Something Whatsitsname either a peaceful retreat back to reality or, to the true tone of this letter, being so overwhelmed by your stubbornness and obnoxiousness that she considered drastic measures against things she loved. But you already almost drove one of my regionmates to suicidal thoughts before. Perhaps you don’t care.

You continue to make false accusations against my region at large. Iwaku, nor any invader force, intends to invade Stella Solar System. Planet lucia is correct in that a region with an active founder is safe. A region is even safer with a password, and much safer from you with the embassy chat feature turned off.

Many of the nations you call hostile towards you, before now including myself, have no personal fight with you. When you threaten my regionmates mental health and write death threats to all, including myself, I find it quite sick.

All Iwakusphere regions want no part of this. I have met with each of our delegates and have agreed to sever all embassies with any regions mainly populated by Eastalandia,Anti Winx, or any belligerents.

For a brief time, we are also banning on sight any and all god-modding. Please review the regional rules and dispatches for information on this. Essentially, all role-players deserve a fair fight in all situations and determining the fate of other players is not only stupid, but unplayable.

Kindly reach out to me should you have anything constructive to say, or want to resolve this diplomatically. Note that the region and those you call “attacking” you would kindly wish you shut up for a little bit, and perhaps write a little bit more in your nation’s factbook instead of bothering us.

With love,
- Ill’haress Aurora Yukihime of Albrook