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Toowoons Views on Transgender and gay rights.

The Empire of Toowoon WILL NOT comply with the Corrupt mentally ill people of the World Assembly.

Toowoon also Agree's with The Principality of Dominiceus with the fact that Toowoon prioritizes facts over feelings just as Dominiceus does.

Quote from the Principality of Dominiceus
"The Principality of Dominiceus, being the enlightened and intelligent sovereignty it is, prioritizes facts over feelings. In this nation, it is believed that scientific, objective reality is more important than people's subjective falsehoods. The nation recognizes two genders (male and female); with the rare exception that someone is born intersex. Intersex people are born with variations in their chromosomes, reproductive organs, hormones, etc. which prevents them from distinctly being male or female. These are the only individuals who can legitimately identify as the gender (male or female) they wish. If an individual is not intersex and he/she tries to identify as the opposite gender, he/she exhibits Gender Dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria is a disorder that someone acquires when he/she has a strong desire to be the opposite gender, be treated as the opposite gender, and rid themselves of the gender they were born as. However, only two out of these three symptoms must be displayed for someone to be diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria. The nation acknowledges that all transgender people fit the symptoms of Gender Dysphoria and diagnoses them properly. Transgender people are treated with counseling, therapy, medication, and other rehabilitation practices. They are not humored and they are not given surgery that complies with their delusions. Further, The Principality of Dominiceus understands that gender is not different from sex. Both gender and sex are binary and they are simply two different words that describe the same entity. "Sex" is commonly used as a word that describes its scientific meaning. Whereas, "gender" is commonly used to describe its social meaning. Although there are certain social practices and stereotypes that are assigned to males and females, it is for a reason. Males and females are biologically different; their bodies are different and their brains are different. Both sexes/genders excel at certain tasks, and fall behind in others. Conversely, there are always individuals that defy their gender stereotypes. For instance, if a woman is stronger than a man, she has defied her "gender," however, her sex is still female. Because of this, the usage of "gender," as it relates to its social meaning, is essentially, obsolete. Gender and sex hold the same definition because social and cultural phenomena cannot change an individual's biological composition. Finally, The Principality of Dominiceus recognizes two genders, male and female. Biology has proven to us that our species, as well all virtually all other species in the Animal Kingdom, exist with a binary gender classification."