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Rules of RP

Welcome to Skyreach! We want to thank you for joining. Below is a set of guidelines that we have created in order to smooth the process of your entrance into our community!



  • Anything out of the ordinary must be approved by a mod. if you are unsure if it is out of the ordinary, check with a mod.


  • We don't accept real-life or old-history nations. Please exercise your imagination.

  • Direct control of another nation's ships, troops, whatever, is forbidden. You are not allowed to control another nation or its forces unless given permission by the nation.

  • If a nation you are allied with calls you into a war, you must join that war on their side.

  • You can declare war at any time so long as you have a clear reason, but war only goes ahead once the other nation accepts, and then they have a few days' grace period to back out before they're locked in

  • if you state you're still willing to go ahead, the period of silence can be extended until you are ready to continue

  • You are allowed to conquer other nations and demand tribute from them, in the form of resources or money. You are not allowed to fully control the conquered nation, but you can set requirements, like the amount of troops or flying battleships they are allowed to have.

  • All events such as battleship launches and movements, alliances, war declarations, and the like, must be stated in an RP post on the RMB.[/b]

Weather and the Map:

  • "Puppet" nations are not allowed to own land. Penalties will apply if we find you've slipped one under our noses.

  • Nations' RP weathers affect their location on the map.

  • During Winter, Eastern nations are unable to fly their ships due to strong winds and the seas between the two halves are almost impossible to cross. Land travel is also difficult.

  • To make a map claim, nations must have a basic overview factbook. Map requests should include the following information:

  • Name of capital city

  • Location of capital city

  • Location of country

  • Preferred name of country

  • Names and locations of any additional cities you wish to have (max of 3 additional)

Battleships & other warships:

  • Battleships, either flying or nautical, take 12 days to build from the first post stating you're building one. If a battleship's design is being changed, that also takes 12 days.

  • Battleships are defined as any ship with >8 inch calibre guns or >10 inch thick armour.

  • Battleships may have no more than 15 guns of >8 inch calibre on the broadside ("on the broadside" meaning maximum amount of guns that are able to fire on one side.)

  • The ratio of sea-going battleships to flying battleships is 1:2 or 2:1; i.e. you can have half as many sea battleships as you do max flying battleships, or you can have max sea battleships and only half the max of flying battleships.

  • The ratio of battleships to cruisers, destroyers, and corvettes/smaller ships is 1:2:3:3; i.e. for each battleship you have active, you can build 2 cruisers, 3 destroyers, and 3 corvettes (or other smaller ships).

  • A Cruiser is defined as any ship with guns of calibre less or equal to 8 inches and greater than 4 inches.

  • A Destroyer is defined as any ship with guns of calibre less or equal to 4 inches.

  • A Corvette is defined as any ship smaller than a destroyer. (this is left open because corvettes are extremely light ships typically only used for patrols.)

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