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Ballpit’s Easter Egg Guide for the Uninformed

[color=0276FD][b]Hello reader, and welcome to my simplistic overview of how to get Easter eggs! I’ll cut straight to the chase, as I’m not one for idle chatter.[/color]

[color=red]1. Halloween Easter egg: change your national animal to one of the following spooky creatures:
1) zombie
2) monster
3) ghost

(Others may work, but these are proven)[/color]

[color=purple]2. Colour Easter egg: change your nation’s pretitle to include a colour.
Eg: “The Red empire of Ballpit”
(Any colour works)[/color]

[color=green]3. March Easter egg: change your national animal to Leprechaun, or your national currency to Gold Bars, or adding “lucky” to your pretitle.
(May only be able to be activated in March)[/color]

[color=blue]4. NationStates anniversary egg: simply get 3 Easter eggs and it’ll be activated.[/color]

[color=orange]5. Religion egg: the only way I know how to activate it is to include the word “holy” in your nation’s pretitle.
Eg: “The Holy empire of Ballpit”
(May be population selective, and may need at least 1 billion population to properly activate.)[/color]

[color=red]6. Santa egg: change your custom fields to align with the holiday season! :)[/color]

[color=hotpink]7. Friendship Easter egg: change your motto to include the word “friendship.”
Eg: “Friendship is magical”[/color]

[color=0276FD]8. Breaking the fourth wall: change your motto to include the word “NationStates”[/color]

[color=9112]9. Remove the E Easter egg: remove all letter e’s from all custom fields.[/color]

[color=yellowgreen]10. Aliens Easter egg: (unproven) make pizza delivery and space programs high. (Scientific advancement)[/color]

[color=darkcyan]11. Zombie Easter egg: let your nation CTE and then restore it. Times for egg activation may vary.[/color]

[color=pacific]12. Issues egg: solve at least 300 daily issues.[/color]

[color=red]You can also mix and match, setting triggers for different Easter eggs at the same time. For example:

Changing your motto to “NationStates and Friendship” activates two for one, changing your animal to “Zombie”, and your currency to “Gold Bars” activates 2 more, and changing your pretitle to “The Holy Blue Lucky Empire” activates 2 more! (3 if you didn’t activate the March Easter egg in another custom field.)[/color][/b]

[color=red][b]DISCLAIMER: Easter eggs aren’t activated immediately, and can sometimes take weeks to actually trigger.[/color][/b]