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Nasunian Graveyard.


[b]This is the cementery of the nations that cease to exist in Nasunia... they were good friends, some of them did things that the nations of this region won't forget, at least we know. that they cease to exist for a good reason... I hope you can still remember them by hearing it's names in this list. also a proper burial will be made in some weeks, we will open our own church to remember those who cease to exist... RIP Nasunian pals...[/b]

[i]Rest in peace:[/i]

[nation]Metro uni[/nation]
[nation]sega corporation[/nation]
[nation]green dominion[/nation]
[nation]corporatist brazil[/nation]
[nation]golden scar[/nation]
[nation]puyo puyo[/nation]
[nation]nintendo corp[/nation]
[nation]north ty[/nation]
[nation]western wesnamu[/nation]
[nation]the republic gloucester[/nation]
[nation]the cat citadel[/nation]
[nation]angelopolis ii[/nation]
[nation]socialist skinny cats[/nation]
[nation]capitalist fat cats[/nation]
[nation]mexican usa[/nation]
[nation]canada saviors[/nation]
[nation]Marvin gardens[/nation]
[nation]capitalist cuba island[/nation]
[nation]hot sale[/nation]
[nation]thyranical cats[/nation]
[nation]orange enforcement[/nation]
[nation]ages corporate division[/nation]
[nation]durrburger diplomat[/nation]
[nation]hill templi[/nation]
[nation]the lorencian nation[/nation]
[nation]GREEN DOMINION[/nation]
[nation]british empire of hot beverages[/nation]
[nation]pixie world[/nation]
[nation]eternal mangekyou sharingan[/nation]
[nation]federacion unida[/nation]
[nation]park place[/nation]
[nation]barely independent systems[/nation]
[nation]Libertarian Northeast[/nation]

[i]Thanks for being good friends of Nasunia, I hope you return someday. but now your names will be written here as a honor of being part of this community that is NationStates.[/i]

[b]Here is a gift, it's a special badge for your service in Nasunia.[/b]


"Nasunian Journey Badge" given to those who have been part of Nasunia and for some reason, ceased to exist.