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Nasunia World Bank (NWB).

Nasunian World Bank.

The Nasunian World Bank is a organization that tracks the new market movements and values, such as the currency values. company stock values, trade deals, nations GDP, important news and more! the nations that join the bank will have access to this information. of course other nations can see it too, but only members can get it's info and money saved in the bank for free! also nations can ask the money for a lend. this can help the nations when a economy crisis is happening. also companies can know which countries are the best to invest. a standard currency maybe on the way. but currently this Bank will open a new economic benchmark. also if you have a bank. you can add it's info here!

Important Trade Deals:

Stock Values:

Nations GDP:

Lightford GPD: 553 trillion Lightfordian Dollars.

Currency Values:

1 Lightfordian Dollars= $1.6875 US Dollars.

Market Movements:

Important News:

The stock exchange in Winterview City got bombed by Violetist terrorists on Mid-April 2018. I forgot the name of the perpratraor. Some consider this event Lightford's 9/11. The economy healed rather quickly but the scars of the incident still remain on some of the witnesses of that event.

Best nations to Invest:



"Lightford really is capitalist plus the government is actually supportive of industry. Also it protects and promotes competition."

Economic Powers:


Other Banks: