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RMB RP Guide

The RMB RP, as you may guess, is located in the RMB of Iveagh. Here, you will find all the needed information to get started in this roleplay. Firstly, if you want to join the RMB RP, you should fill out this form
This form will allow you to claim a place on the map. You can find the map here, and in the WFE too.

Once you've done that, you can start rp'ing!

How to write a correct RP Post ?

Firstly, put RP Post in your message, just like the others do. Then you can start writing your RP Post. Be sure to put quality in it, it doesn't mean they need to be perfect but good enough for the others to understand it. When you write your RP Post, write it as if you were speaking in the TV news. It means that you must use the third person, and not the first person.

Example of good RP Post:
RP Post
The nation of Iveagh has recently allowed smoking in public areas.

Example of bad RP Post
RP Post
I've just allowed smoking in public areas.

If you want your post to be secret to the other countries, then write that this is supposed to be secret. People will see it, but will roleplay as if nothing happened.

The nation of Iveagh has recently allowed smoking in public areas.

Ideas of RP Posts
War/Civil War
Military Coup d'Etat
Tensions between countries (destroying embassies...)
Scientific/Sociological/Philosophical/Economical/Historical discoveries
Foreign policies: Military/trade alliances...
Political crisis/Massive protests
Space program

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