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World Assembly Guide

The World Assembly (or WA) is a kind of UN where you can vote resolutions, but in Iveagh, being a WA member gives you citizenship. After fully reading this dispatch, you'll know how to join it! Before beginning this, please understand that only 1 nation per person shall be in the WA. If one person has 2 nations in the WA, he'll either be ejected from the World Assembly, or banned from the website.

How to join it?

Click on the World Assembly button. Then this page will appear:

Click on "Apply to the World Assembly" button, which is located where the "resign" button is on the screenshot. (If the button is called "resign" in the screenshot, it is because I've already joined the WA.) Once you did that, an email will be sent and you'll have to confirm everything.

What can I do with that

When you are in the World Assembly, you can do two things: Vote resolutions, and endorse nations.
To vote resolutions, click on the World Assembly button

As I previously said, when you are a WA member you can endorse nations as well. To do so, click on a nation's page and look at the bottom of it.

When you are on the nation's page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you'll see this:

Click on "Endorse [nation]". (the button is called "Withdraw your endorsement" because I've already endorsed this nation.)

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