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The North Pacific Great Card Giveaway

The North Pacific Great Card Giveaway

TL;DR: Get the cards your heart desires!
~ Join The North Pacific Cards Guild.
~ LinkPost on the forum to request your desired card.
~ Have the card gifted to you as soon as regional nation The Northern Light finds it.

What is this?

Have you ever experienced this: You answer each and every issue, until the magical button appears...

You prepare to open the pack, hoping, wishing, praying, to get that one very special card....

You start flipping the cards one by one, and then.... nope, it's not there.

It happens all the time :(

Do not despair! The North Pacific Cards Guild is here to help. How, you say? Through The North Pacific Great Card Giveaway!

This program allows you to request a card you desire. Then, as soon as one of the nations Card Farmer 1 to Card Farmer 500 finds the card, they will gift it to you for free!

This sounds great! Are there any rules?

Yes, there are a few:

  • You can only request cards if you have are a member of The North Pacific Cards Guild. Your requests remain valid only while you maintain membership.

  • You can only make one new request per week.

  • You cannot have more than one active request at once.

  • You cannot request cards of legendary rarity.

  • Requests are fulfilled on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Cards that have already been transferred from a card farmer nation to The Northern Light do not count.

How do I make card requests?

You can request cards on Linkthis forum thread. Make sure to read the rules above first (also listed in the first post of the forum thread).

Where can I see other requests?

You can Linkclick here to find a list of all current requests. You can also Linkclick here to find a list of all completed requests.

Why can I not request legendary cards?

Legendary cards are reserved for rewards given through the The North Pacific Card Lottery (see right below), as well as during special regional events.

Who has been gifted cards in the past?

Below is a list of all fulfilled card requests, showing both the requesting nation and the card they were gifted.





Far easter republic











Scar island




Tnp visitor

Tnp visitor

Warzone dinoium

Are there any other ways I can get cards for free?

Yes! The North Pacific Cards Guild runs all sorts of activities that can provide you with, among other things, free cards for your collection. So make sure to check them out.

Additionally, if you are a Keeper of the North, you automatically enter The North Pacific Card Lottery. This gives you a chance to win free legendary cards for your collection.

Why are the "Card Farmer" nations gifting us cards?

The government of The North Pacific operates nations Card Farmer 1 to Card Farmer 500, and uses them to expand the card collection of regional nation The Northern Light. This includes the cards used for the giveaway.

Can I help?

If you would like to contribute, please feel free to donate cards you do not need to regional nation The Northern Light. We are particularly interested in cards of common rarity, of nations that have ceased to exist, and with eight or fewer owners. Thanks in advance for your cards!

What if I still have questions?

Please feel free to contact Minister of Culture Prydania or Guildmaster Praeceps. They would be happy to help!

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